The Best Cross Country Skiing Equipment

By Heidi Green , last updated December 4, 2011

Now that winter has arrived, you might want to take advantage of the snow and hit a cross country trail; this article covers some of the best cross country ski equipment available on the market today. Whether you are brand new to the sport, or a well-seasoned veteran, you are probably aware that you need more than just a pair of skis and a glimmer in your eye before you hit the trail. In addition to the proper safety equipment and protective winter clothing, you also need to factor in things such as packs, goggles and the right boots. Read on for a look at the best gear you can find for a great ride!

The X1 Ultra Cross-Country Ski Boots by Rossignol

The boots that you wear on your cross country adventures can make the difference between a great ride and a miserable, frostbite-ridden experience. Your boots are some of the most important pieces of gear that you can wear, so finding the perfect model is extremely important. One look at the X1 Ultra Cross-Country ski boots from the outdoor experts at Rossignol, and you will definitely want to test them out. With a construction designed to facilitate a classic stride flex and nylon midsoles that are reinforced for extra stability, the X1 Ultra boots also feature inner boots that will mold to fit your feet perfectly. The outer boots cover the lace up front to protect the laces from an annoying build up of ice, snow and moisture, all while keeping your feet as dry and warm as possible. The classic soles make mounting and dismounting from your bindings a breeze, and feature NNN binding compatibility. The soles also feature double guide grooves that increase the amount of boot-to-ski contact.

The DTS Beacon Tracker by Backcountry Access

You never really know where all of your cross country adventures will take you. Oftentimes, intrepid skiers will find themselves in territory that they are unfamiliar with, and before they know it, they are lost in an unfamiliar and unforgiving wilderness. Make sure that you can always be found and carry a beacon tracker to alert authorities of your location when you get lost. The DTS beacon tracker from Backcountry Access utilizes advanced transceiver technology to ensure that you can be found. Featuring a two-unit system that allows one unit to easily track the other through a variety of conditions, the DTS Beacon Tracker will literally save your life in a bind.

The Half Jacket Polarized Sunglasses by Oakley

When you are out on the trail, excessive sunlight and snow glare can cause a serious problem in navigation and visibility. Don't resign yourself to squinting all of the time; try on the Half Jacket polarized sunglasses from Oakley for instant relief and markedly improved visual acuity. Featuring shatter- and scratch-proof polycarbonate and polarized lenses, the Half Jackets reduce the amount of snow and sun glare by 99 percent, causing you less eyestrain and improving your performance. In addition, the sleek, open edge design and thick wraparound frames aren't only functional, but quite stylish as well.

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