The Best Cross-Country Skis

By Heidi Green , last updated November 30, 2011

With winter on the way, many outdoor enthusiasts turn their thoughts to cross country or Nordic, skiing; this article reveals some of the best cross-country skis available. Whether you are a long time and avid cross country ski veteran or are brand new and picking out your very first pair of skis, finding the right gear is both exciting and important. With ill or improperly fitting skis, you run the risk of many sorts of accidents and injuries. If you wear the proper safety gear, and you ensure that your skis are of the best quality, you will have an enjoyable and safe expedition. Read on for some inspiration!

The Evo-Glade AR Cross Country Skis from Rossignol

For the cross-country skier who dares to venture off the smooth trails and hit more rugged terrain, the Evo-Glade AR Cross Country Skis from Rossignol are perfect for smooth or rough trails. With a unique, short-concept design that increases maneuverability and provides for extra easy handling, these skis are perfect for the novice and veteran alike. Featuring a strengthened wood channel core that contributes to a lighter overall ski and faster handling, the Evo-Glade uses bonded plates to hold the plies together instead of screws. The Evo comes with adjustable NIS bindings with click-in plate action that allow for easy adjustment should the terrain change. These bindings also adapt to a wide range of boots as well. With extended edges, the Evo skis also allow for a more stable and balanced performance, perfect for heading off-trail.

The Jupiter Control Cross Country Skis from Fischer

Perfect for long cruises and short treks alike, the Jupiter Control Cross Country Skis from Fischer feature premounted, built-in bindings for convenience and a superior ride. Designed with an extra wide body that can handle trails and rougher terrain with ease, the Jupiter skis come equipped with a wood core crossed off with air channels that cut down on weight and aid flexibility. The sidecut pattern on each ski enables the skier to make quicker movement decisions, while maintaining their speed, and the wide body holds the stability and balance the entire time. Because the Jupiter comes with premounted bindings, getting in and out of your skis is a breeze.

The Snowscape 7 Siam Cross Country Skis from Salomon

Designed and manufactured by one of the premier cross country ski companies in the world, the Snowscape 7 Siam Cross Country Skis from Salomon will get you out of the house and on to the trail in no time. Featuring a short length for extra easy maneuvers and preshaped, "Densolite" foam core with a strong fiberglass wrap for a light weight and quick response time, the Snowscape is perfect for either women or smaller riders. With waxless patterns that feature sharp edges, the Snowscape skis easily grip onto any surface, all while maintaining an effortless and easy glide. Premounted bindings feature a step-in system and pole step-out system so that you can spend your time focusing on the trail instead of the setup process. Ideal for all snow types and adaptable to various conditions, the Snowscape skis will take you to where you need to go!

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