The Best Downhill Skiing Gear

By Heidi Green , last updated December 10, 2011

Before you hit the slopes this year, make sure that you come prepared with the best equipment, and check out some of the best downhill skiing gear available. Whether you are a newcomer to downhill skiing or have decades of experience, you understand how important it can be to have only the highest quality equipment. Everything from the clothing that you wear to the skis themselves must be top-notch; this ensures better performance, as well as safety. Finding this gear can be quite easy; most local ski shops carry a full variety of the best gear, and many online retailers do as well. Read on for some inspiration and ideas!

The Impact 90 Ski Boots From Salomon

When it comes to your ski boots, you want to look for a quality combination of durability, performance, comfort and protection. With the Impact 90 boots from Salomon, you get all of this and more in one stylish package. The shell is designed to be extremely lightweight yet durable, and it features extra reinforcement in the heels for protection and a flexible amount of movement. The liners are designed to be comfortable and warm, featuring a layer of foam that molds to your feet. The Impact 90 ski boots also feature toe boxes made from rugged neoprene that will give you extra insulation while increasing the amount of shock absorption your feet can handle. If you only want the best boots for your feet, you should definitely look into getting a pair of Impact 90 boots.

The Evaporator Double Ski Bag From REI

An important component of your ski gear is the bag that gets all of your equipment safely to the mountain! REI makes several amazing ski bags that combine form and convenient function. Just take a look at the "Evaporator" Double Ski Bag from REI for a great example. This spacious bag fits two pairs of skis and two sets of ski poles at the same time, and features dedicated sleeves for each component. The Evaporator includes several mesh panels designed to increase the internal circulation of the bag, and compression straps are included on the exterior of the bag help to secure it in storage or transportation. The Evaporator includes a convenient set of nylon carrying handles with padded support for easy carrying. With all of the space in the Evaporator, you'll even have room for additional items.

The Balaclava From SmartWool

One of the most important concerns for downhill skiers is keeping warm. Weather conditions can get extreme, especially at the high altitudes where many skiers spend their time. In order to stay warm and protected from the elements, you'll need to find the right clothing to wear. The Balaclava, from SmartWool, is a great way to keep your face, head and neck warm on especially chilly slopes. Made from a mid-weight "next to skin" fabric using pure merino wool, the Balaclava insulates while wicking away moisture and sweat. Featuring a three-panel design with a wide eye-portal for increased peripheral vision, you won't want to step into your skis without putting this on first.

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