The Best Electric Fireplaces for Energy Efficiency

By J.W. Carpenter , last updated January 3, 2012

The best electric fireplaces for energy efficiency are manufactured by Dimplex, Heat Surge, and Classic Flame. Known for quality, innovative technology, and fine styling, electric fireplace models from these manufacturers lead the market in both sales and customer satisfaction. Dimplex, Heat Surge, and Classic Flame electric fireplaces are available from national retailers like Sears and Ace Hardware, as well as independent home and hearth dealers across the country.

Energy Efficiency Advantages
Dimplex, Classic Flame, and Heat Surge electric fireplaces offer major efficiency advantages over wood-burning and gas fireplaces, as well as home central heat pumps.
First, in the case of wood-burning and gas fireplaces, much of the heat produced from combustion escapes through the flue. Indeed, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), modern EPA-certified wood-burning fireplaces lose 20 to 40 percent of the heat generated, while older freestanding fireplaces can easily lose much more than 70 percent. Electric fireplaces, on the other hand, use an integrated blower to push 100 percent of the generated heat into the living space.
Second, in the case of central heat pumps, you typically must heat the whole home whether or not every room is occupied. With an electric fireplace, you need only heat the area of the house you are present in, thus greatly reducing waste. And if you choose a portable model, you can take the heat with you from room to room.
Dimplex Electric Fireplaces
Dimplex offers a wide variety of styles and configurations to meet an incredible range of customer needs. For example, with a Dimplex fireplace insert unit you can convert your existing wood-burning fireplace into a high efficiency electric installation. If you don’t currently have a fireplace but wish you had one, choose a Dimplex flat-wall unit which can be placed along any bare wall to instantly create a fireplace look, mantelpiece and all. Other models are also available, including media consoles, corner units, and wall-mounted units.
Each of the different Dimplex electric fireplace configurations are available in a selection of contemporary and classic styles to meet most home decorating needs. Most configurations feature Dimplex’s innovative flame technology to provide the ambiance of a real wood-burning unit without the associated inefficiency and mess.
Heat Surge Electric Fireplaces
Heat Surge electric fireplaces are renowned for their Amish-built wooden exteriors and convenient portability. Among the most popular Heat Surge models, the Roll-n-Glow features integrated caster-type wheels that allow you to take the unit from room to room with you. The Curio model features built-in shelving to hold picture frames and assorted knick-knacks. The Heat Surge HT model features the company’s most advanced technology to project a deep, soothing heat around the room. An insert model is also available for those looking to convert an existing fireplace.
Classic Flame Electric Fireplaces
Classic Flame offers a wide variety of classic mantelpiece-style models, configured for flat walls or corners, or built with rollers for portability. These units feature fine wood finishes and exquisite styling. Several sleek models are built for dual use as both a fireplace and an entertainment center, with shelving space built around the central heating element for electronic equipment or books and curious. Classic Flame fireplace insert units are also available.
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