The Best Elliptical Machines for Home

By Heidi Green , last updated November 30, 2011

If you are considering the addition of an elliptical machine to your home gym, you might want to know about the best home elliptical machines you can buy. Besides offering multiple cardiovascular workout benefits, elliptical machines are also much easier on your joints and muscles. Due to the fact that your feet remain in place against the pedals, you eliminate the intense shock and impact that you would get from running outside or on a treadmill. And because most elliptical machines allow you to adjust the amount of resistance you experience and speed in which you go, your workout can be just as intense as it would be on a treadmill. Read on for a glimpse at some of the very best machines the industry offers.

The EX-58 Elliptical Machine From Horizon Fitness

If it's features that you want from your home elliptical machine, you need to take a look at the feature-rich EX-58 from Horizon Fitness. Equipped with the latest in high-tech equipment and advanced programming capability, the EX-58 can also boast of a remarkably small footprint and easy to mount rear access. A patented pedal placement system ensures that there are no gaps between the pedals, making the process of stepping on them better for your back and your hips. Meanwhile, the gripped and padded handlebars are placed ideally, so that the proper upright posture is maintained throughout your exercise routine. In addition to being easy to access from the rear, the pedals are positioned at a low step-on height for safe mounting and dismounting. If you want to switch up your routine a bit, ten different resistance levels are programmed into the EX-58's computer system. In addition, your time, distance and calories burned are also recorded so you can see what type of workout you are getting. If you workout best to the beat of music, this elliptical machine actually includes a port to plug your MP3 player into, as well as surround sound speakers or a headphone jack for a quieter experience. And just to make sure that you don't get overheated, an adjustable fan will blow right into your face as you workout, keeping you cool.

The X8 Elliptical Cross Trainer From Life Fitness

With the capability to adjust your stride as you are working out and an advanced workout console providing a multitude of varying workout options, the X8 elliptical cross trainer from Life Fitness will keep you coming back to your workout routine day after day. With features including handlebar heart rate sensors, synchronized movement between your upper and lower body and flexible foot pedals designed to absorb impact and shock, the X8 has everything you need to take your fitness goals to the next level. This elliptical includes over a dozen different customizable programs built into the advanced console, and an LCD display screen that makes using it a snap. In addition to the padded swing action handlebars, stationary handlebars are also included for when your arms need a rest. Removable water bottle holders and an adjustable magazine rack make for a convenient and fun workout experience, and the whisper quiet stride technology automatically adjusts to changes in resistance and speed. If you really need to workout your legs, the X8 includes a "Leg Sculptor" mode, which adjusts the stride length every few minutes to work out all of your individual leg muscle groups.

The EFX 5.37 Elliptical Fitness Cross Trainer From Precor

One of the main reasons that exercise buffs find home equipment so important is that it lets them bring the experience of going to the gym easier and more convenient. With that in mind, the EFX 5.37 elliptical machine from Precor allows you to get as close to a gym experience as possible. Featuring Precor's patented "Cross Ramp" technology, the EFX allows you to target specific muscle groups while you are working out, and then change the focus to other groups in the same routine. And with user identification technology, the EFX will remember your past workouts, times and resistance levels for a truly customized experience. With stationary and swinging handlebars available for your convenience, you'll find an easy to use heart rate monitor located on the stationary handlebars for your convenience. Program different resistance levels, hills and speeds into your workout for an additional challenge, and include built-in warmup and cool down times for the safest and best experience possible. The EFX has a small footprint, and includes a docking option for your MP3 player and headphones. A convenient cup holder is also included in an easy to reach location, making it easy to stay hydrated.

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