The Best Fishing Lures for Catching Big Fish

By Hj Jung , last updated January 16, 2012

If you're about to go fish for big fish, you must prepare yourself with the proper lures for getting them to bite and reeling them in. Big fish lures are quite different from smaller fishing gear, and of course, the size and type of the bait will vary depending on the kind and the size of the fish you're after. There's a variety of fishing gear so be sure to check out all the variations. The following is a guide to the best fishing lures for catching big fish.

For a large bite, give the Big Bite Bait's Super Shad Swim Bait a chance. It comes with reflective green and blue colors throughout, and has a very believable appearance of a fish. It even has scale imitation glitter. The eyes have a gold rim and a black dot in the center, just like a fish's eye. It also comes with great acting skills. The lure's body can move quickly or slowly depending on the speed you want it to move in. The bait also comes in three different sizes: 4 inches, 5 inches and 6 inches.

For a really big fish catching, give the Lucky Craft LC Rattle in Crankbait a shot in the water. It measures a half an ounce weight and can drop past four feet under water. It comes with a two headed hook that can reel in a large fish securely attached to your lure. The crankbait is also appropriate for crank rod users in case the catch puts up a fight.

The biggest fish are in the rivers and oceans. The Deep Triho Minnow bait is perfect for big fish catching. It is seven inches long and one point five ounces in weight. It has a greenish blue back and three hooks on the belly for those large bites.

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