Best Fishing Rods for Kids

By Elizabeth Dean , last updated January 13, 2012

For kids ages 3 +, most rods are simple enough to use and fishing with your child can be a rewarding pleasure. However, it is recommended that first time fishermen or beginners should start with a spin cast reel to accompany their rods. Rods meant for children are often paired with reels and lines, which could be both advantageous and also disadvantageous. If you're in the market for a rod for your child or a child you know, here are the best fishing rods.

404 Combo by Zebco ($25)
This set includes a spin cast reel and 15lb line with the 6 foot rod. It's ideal for fish the same size and larger than rainbow trout, but is especially great for catfish, carp, and some larger saltwater species. Of course, due to its size, it may not be suitable for the child in mind, but take comfort in the fact that Zebco makes a smaller version (5' 6") that is a two piece set for smaller children. The smaller size is priced lower at $20.
Telescope Fiberglass Cane Pole ($10)
This is a larger pole that, when fully expanded, stretched to 10 feet tall. However, you can collapse the pole to a manageable 40 inches if need be. This is a pole that doesn't come attached in a set, meaning it is not equipped with a reel which makes it good for pan fishing. But, if you'd like a reel in the future then you'll have to consider its purchase and assembly later on.
Shakespeare Lighted Series for Kids ($15)
There are over 12 different styles of this pole ranging from Spiderman to Princess Fairies that will spark an indirect interest for your child almost immediately. This is for the smallest and youngest of children, however, measuring up to 2'6". The advantage to this rod and reel package is its simplicity. Not only is it extremely easy to cast out, allowing your child to hone his or her casting skills from the start, but it's also easy to catch the next "big one."
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