Best Games to Play in Wii Fit

By Fawn Farley , last updated December 20, 2011

For a great workout, simply choose one of the following best Wii Fit games. They are sure to get you off the couch, moving and sweating. If video games are your thing and you don't much care for the gym, Wii Fit games are your saving grace, providing a healthy exercise in addition to a fun time all in the privacy of your home. Play with friends or play alone, just get up and work it! One or more of the following selected best Wii Fit games is sure to be a perfect match for you and your exercise needs.

Wii Fit & Wii Fit Plus

Wii Fit is where it all began. By utilizing a balance board accessory in addition to the controller, the Wii console is able to track your movements and your weight. A plethora of workout selections will allow you to work on your strength, cardio, yoga and balance. Create your character and track your progress. Computerized guides will help you get the movements right and encourage your efforts. The newer Wii Fit Plus has an additional twelve fun mini-games, such as juggling while balancing on a giant ball.

Nickelodeon Fit

A great way for the kids to enjoy some exercise with Dora, Diego, and other loved Nickelodeon characters. Exercises like jumping rope, pogo-stick, and paddling a raft will be adventurous fun for the kids. Parents can monitor the results and even control the settings, including the activities available, intensity, and time spent on each activity.

EA Sports Active

This game is similar to Wii Fit, but perhaps less fun and more physically challenging. EA Sports Active allows you to customize your workout routine, so it's perfect for the person dedicated to working out. Each day for 30 days you will have a customized 20 minute workout that changes as you progress. Choose to focus on certain areas of the body, such as upper or lower body and cardio, if that's what you need. This game also features the option for multiple players to allow for a workout buddy.

The Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser is an excellent Wii workout game for fans of the television show. Motivational tips from former contestants will provide the drive to keep going. The game is set at the Biggest Loser ranch and allows for you to choose either four, eight, or twelve week programs in which to compete against former contestants on the show. You can also compete with your friends or family to see who can loose the most weight. The game also takes real life into consideration, allowing you to document time spent exercising outside of the game.

Just Dance

This is a fun option for the person who loves to dance. It requires only the joystick, so you can play without purchasing a balance board. Choose from 30 popular songs from the last six decades and get ready to follow the on-screen choreography. Learn dance moves and sing along to the lyrics, which scroll along with the song. You can play with up to four people, so grab your friends and make a dance party out of it!

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