The Best Gas Boilers for Home Heating

By Joseph King , last updated November 2, 2011

Finding the best gas boiler heater for your house means finding the one that is the most economical and energy efficient. Since gas boilers only need to be replaced every 10 to 15 years, you may not be aware of what to look for in a modern gas boiler. Gas boilers are smaller and more efficient than they have ever been before. Modern gas boilers are on the best ways to both reduce heating costs and your house’s carbon footprint.

Lennox GWB9-IH Boiler

This high end gas boiler is one of the most efficient models currently on the market. It achieves of the highest energy efficiency available with a rating of 90%. It is a certified Energy Star appliance which means that it is at least 6% more efficient than standard gas boilers. Its cast aluminum frame allows for energy transfer that produces much less waste and is faster than traditional cast iron devices.

WM97+ Wall Mount Gas Boiler

Wall mounted gas boilers are more efficient and lighter than ever, and this particular unit has a near perfect rating of 97%. The boiler uses a unique stainless steel tubing system to transfer heat quickly and without loss. The compact size of this unit makes it ideal for smaller homes or for anyone who is tight on space.

The Multi-Pass Commercial Boiler

These boilers made Burnham are 89% efficient and use a unique system that saves more energy than traditional than traditional single or double mass boilers. The revolutionary heating system allows water to be heated faster than by any traditional boiler on the market. Burnham offers the boiler with a control system that can regulate the boilers to provide optimal heating for large areas such as commercial docks or factories. Similar systems would cost thousands of dollars, but are available for a fraction of the cost with the MPC Boiler.

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