The Best Gear for Ice Hockey Goalie Equipment

By Charles Dovbish , last updated December 27, 2011

Ice hockey can be a very dangerous game if you don’t have the right goalie equipment. Having the ability to stay comfortable while blocking a slap shot is essential to winning a game. Goalies have the most pads and gear on the ice because they are defending the goals from the opposing team. If you are just starting out or you want to upgrade your gear to best equipment on the market, you need to be informed. Buying the right equipment the first time around is the best way to save money and be prepared for your game. Here are some of the best goalie products on the market.

Bauer NME 5 Painted Goalie Mask

The Bauer NME 5 Painted Goalie Mask is one of the best masks in the game. This mask comes with a carbon steel face cage on the front to block the puck from hitting you. The mask comes with adjustable straps on the top of it and a comfort foam liner that is mechanically attached to the inside. This is a great way to keep the mask secure during play while also keeping it comfortable. The mask is made out of a Lexan EXL polycarbonate shell and is CSA, CE and HECC certified. The Bauer NME 5 Painted Goalie Mask weight about 3 pounds and is round $300.

Bauer RX10 Re-Flex Senior Hockey Goalie Leg Pads

Bauer RX10 Re-Flex Senior Hockey Goalie Leg Pads are the best leg pads on the market. These leg pads are designed to adapter to any style of play on the ice and are lightweight. They are made for a custom fit and allow for traditional style or modern butterfly defending. These pads come in soft construction, break above or below the knee or hard construction. They also have removable thigh protectors and adjustable knees. The Bauer RX10 Re-Flex Senior Hockey Goalie Leg Pads are about $1,500.

Reebok 4K Goalie Skates

Reebok 4k Goalie Skates are the best goalie skates on the market for the money. These skates come with flex cuffs on the back of the skates to improve the comfort and the mobility of the units. They also have foam that covers the entire length of the skate on both sides of the foot. This improves the foot comfort when standing or skating. The skates also come with a 3D heel cup so your foot sits in the skate in a natural position. The exhaust vents on the sides of the skates will keep your feet dry during play. These skates cost about $120.

Warrior Fortress S. Composite Goalie Stick

The Warrior Fortress S. Composite Goalie Stick is great because it comes with FNA impact absorption for stopping shots and killing rebounds that your opponent could pick up. The balanced blade gives the stick a very weighted feel without bringing the equilibrium down. The stick is made with lightweight construction and 12K graphite. Because this stick is a high-pressure mold, the durability is excellent. The entire weight of the stick is at 740 grams, making it a little lighter than most of the sticks on the market. This stick costs $139.

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