Best Hunting Regions in Hawaii

By Sam Feeder , last updated March 6, 2012

You wouldn't think there are many hunting regions in Hawaii, due to the small size of the tropical island state. However, there are actually a number of different places where you can hunt animals and birds on the islands at specific times of the year. Obviously, most of the animals that can be hunted in Hawaii are not native to the islands and were brought it many years ago. Because of this, these animals are strictly regulated, meaning the hunters who hunt them are also strictly regulated through licenses and the number and type of animals they kill. Check out some of the best hunting regions in Hawaii below broken down by island and what animals you can hunt there.


Kauai is generally considered one of the most beautiful islands in all of Hawaii, primarily because about half of it is jungle and very difficult to traverse. This is where the film Jurassic Park was shot, meant to replicate a place where dinosaurs would have felt at home. Instead of dinosaurs there are a large number of feral pigs, black tailed deer and wild goats that can be hunted in this North Shore area of Kauai, as long as hunters stay away from the major roads where people will be traveling. One of the most popular spots is known as Waimea Canyon, though it is difficult to get to easily, one of the main reason these black tailed deer are so common here. This northern area of Kauai is one of the main places for hunting in the entire state.


Oahu is generally considered to be an island that is meant for locals and tourists and because of this it is more developed. This cuts down considerably on the available hunting areas that the state has freed up for people to legally hunt in. However, there are still a few good ones, like the Kaipapau and Hauula Forest Reserves located in the middle of the island, to the North; and the Ewa Forest Reserve in the middle of the island. The areas that you are allowed to hunt in, however, are relatively small and strictly regulated at their borders, with each one being about a mile wide and a few miles long. You can find feral pigs and feral goats to hunt on the island of Oahu.


Hawaii, the big island that gives the whole state its name, has the largest hunting regions, due primarily to the fact that it just has more land mass in general. The Mauna Kea Forest Reserve and Game Management Area may be the largest hunting region in the state, located on the middle of the island, to the North. The Puu Wa Wa Cooperative Game Management area, located on the West Coast of the island, is another place to find much of the game on the big island. Here you can find feral pigs and goats, which can be hunted on most islands in the state. However, you can also find Feral Sheep hiding near the lava flows, Mouflon Sheep Hybrids, and Feral Cattle, all which can only be found on the big island and offer a slightly different hunting experience.

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