Best Ideas for Cleaning a Carpet

By Avery Lewis , last updated December 21, 2011

Regularly cleaning your carpet is essential for maintaining its beauty and freshness. A beautiful, clean carpet can add décor to any room in your house. But the thing with carpets is that they tend to get dirty very quickly. Even if you take off your shoes before entering the house and stay barefoot all the time, your carpet will still get dirty. Making sure your carpet remains clean can prove to be a challenging task, particularly if you frequently host guests or if you have children or pets at home. In this article, we will talk about some of the best ideas for cleaning a carpet to make life easier for you. Not to mention, cleaning your carpet will cost you much less than buying a new carpet.

When it comes to keeping your carpet clean, one thing you need to remember is that carpet cleaning doesn’t start or end with the stain. Instead, it begins way before the stain is actually created. It begins with making sure you vacuum your carpet no less than one time each week, particularly in heavy traffic spots. You need to remember that when you are trying to remove a stain, and if you have not vacuumed, you are not only combating the stain but also all sorts of dust, dirt and garbage in the carpet. If you are frequently vacuuming your carpet, you are actually prolonging its life by shielding the carpet fibers against a buildup of unsightly particles.

While vacuuming is useful for promoting and extending the carpet’s life, it can’t guarantee that your carpet will stay clean. There are a number of other things that you need to take care of. To begin with, you should avoid wearing shoes in your house, as they may have dirt, grease or staining particles stuck to them. In case you have pets, you should clean them with a towel whenever they come inside your house. Dirty paw prints are hard to remove. While simple precautions like these may help you keep your carpet clean for long, accidents may still happen and your carpet may get dirty over time. In such situations, you will eventually have to clean your carpet. The following are some of the best ideas for cleaning your carpet:

Carpet cleaning with warm water

The warm-water extraction method, also called steam cleaning, is highly effective when it comes to carpet cleaning. While this method is not recommended for cleaning woolen carpets, it is a feasible option for all other types of carpet materials. Warm water extraction involves the use of steam to suspend dust particles embedded in your carpet. A cleaning solution is then injected into the pile to remove those particles. After that, fans and heat are used for effectively and quickly drying the carpet.

Dry cleaning the carpet

If you have a woolen carpet or the above method doesn’t suit you for some reason, then you may try out the dry extraction technique for cleaning your carpet. This method involves the use of dry absorbent compound that contains small quantities of water, solvent and detergent. You can either sprinkle the compound over your carpet or work it into the carpet using a machine for attracting and absorbing soil.

The foam method of carpet cleaning

If you have an old carpet, then the foam method is perhaps the best cleaning option for you. The method is very gentle and thus you don’t need to worry about ruining you carpet. All you need is to spray a specific kind of foam chemical over your carpet, allow it to dry for 60 minutes and vacuum up. The only drawback to this technique is that it isn’t very effective in getting stains out.

The buffer method of carpet cleaning

The buffer method is one of the newest carpet cleaning techniques available. The reason behind the popularity of this method is that it’s gentle enough for old carpets and hard enough for removing all kinds of stains. This method involves spraying a specific kind of carpet cleaning solution all over the carpet, allowing the carpet to soak into the chemical and then running a buffer across the carpet.

While carpets are being widely used these days, not many people know how to take proper care of them. Not only do unclean carpets look bad but also cultivate germs, build bacteria and may be hazardous to your health. The above methods can help you take proper care of your carpet and keep it as tidy as you want it to be.

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