Best Individual Health Insurance Plans in New York

By Renee Gerber , last updated December 18, 2011

When you live in New York, you might need to find yourself an individual health insurance plan. This is especially true for individuals who are unemployed or for freelancers, who have to find their own health insurance. If you earn enough money, you will have to forgo free insurance through Medicaid, which is generally only given to individuals who are financially disadvantaged. However, there is no shortage of great healthy insurance plans that are available to New Yorkers.


Aetna is a wonderful choice when you are seeking a great individual healthy insurance plan in New York. You can purchase a package that includes dental, which is very important as well. Aetna offers a fantastic individual health care coverage plan in their PPO -- Preferred Provider Organization -- option. This plan offers you a great deal of freedom, as you will not have to choose a primary care physician and can choose to see any doctor you wish.

Generally, there are two levels of coverage with Aetna's PPO options. You can receive care from physicians in as well as out of network with no extra cost to you. One of the best things about these PPO health insurance plans is that you can choose one that best fits your individual budget when it comes to your monthly premium. You can typically find one that is affordable for you.

Easy Choice

Formerly known as Atlantis, Easy Choice offers great option of individual health insurance plans that are extremely affordable. You can choose from a high or low deductible plan that includes or does not include prescription drugs. Individuals who are freelance workers can find their plan through Easy Choice and pay $20 in copay as well as for each prescription.

You will have to select your primary care physician, although you will not have to get a referral from him or her if you need to see a specialist. As long as the specialist is in network, you can make an appointment with them and still pay the normal copay amount. For older individuals, there is even an option of Medicare in their health insurance plan, which is much more affordable and gives peace of mind.

Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield

Another great individual health insurance option for people in New York is Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield. If you are a sole proprietor or freelance worker, you can apply for a choice of plans that are low or high deductible and with or without prescription drugs. These are generally affordable, and you will receive plenty of great services and benefits. These include inpatient and outpatient hospital services, diagnostic screening and X-ray services, maternity care and plenty of others. Unlike with other individual health insurance plans, you will not be required to send payment along with your application and will be billed later.

Older individuals can also apply for a great health coverage plan that includes Medicare. Another excellent individual health insurance plan through Empire is direct pay HMO/POS, which allows you the freedom of choosing a doctor that is out of network. You can also opt for direct pay HMO, which is a general HMO type of plan and requires a referral from your primary care physician whenever you want to see a specialist.

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