Best Indoor Squash Courts in New York

By Elizabeth Hannigan , last updated December 10, 2011

The best indoor squash courts in New York are not just places for racquet sport enthusiasts to get a good workout, they are also often exclusive private clubs where executives and other powerful people schmooze. Squash clubs in New York can be extremely expensive to join, and some have further restrictions besides just membership dues. You may need to get on a waiting list, get invited by an existing member, interview with the club, or even be an alumni of an Ivy League school. Once in, though, you may have access to a squash court, a beauty spa, a bar, or all sorts of other luxury amenities. In fact, some of these clubs have "social" memberships, which means you join the squash club but you don't ever actually play squash, you just hang out. That said, not every squash club in New York is restricted to the wealthiest of the wealthy; there's also a few indoor courts where anyone who loves the sport can play.

Most Exclusive Squash Courts

If the whole point of playing squash for you is to hobnob with the elite, then you are probably dreaming of joining one of New York's famous, exclusive social clubs. If money is no object to you and you regularly invite the Clintons to your dinner parties, see if you can finagle an invitation to join the Harmonie Club. This club has luxury squash courts where you can take lessons with pros and compete against the likes of MIchael Bloomberg.

Most Inclusive Squash Courts

Maybe you are looking to play squash with as many different players as possible. If you love to play squash and you like the idea of participating in activities at community centers that serve underprivileged people, then you should play at one of the two air conditioned, indoor squash courts at the West Side YMCA. The YMCA doesn't turn away anyone who is unable to pay, but if you are able, the membership fee is just $93 per month. That fee includes not only the squash courts, but also all of the Y's facilities.

Most Luxurious Squash Courts

If you want to play squash in the lap of luxury but you aren't counting on being invited into a private social club anytime soon, you should join the CityView Racquet Club. This club has all of the amenities of the social clubs, but is open to most anyone who can pay the steep membership fee. The 80,000 square foot facility has four squash courts, including one of the city's only hardball doubles surfaces. You'll also get to enjoy a spa, juice bar, and lounge with your squash membership. If you're willing to upgrade, you get use of the tennis courts and fitness centers too.

Cheapest Squash Courts

If you're willing to give back to the community in exchange for some time on the squash courts, StreetSquash lets volunteers at its youth program use their four courts for free when they aren't being used by kids. StreetSquash is a great program that works with over 300 underprivileged boys and girls from Harlem annually. Kids learn and get coached in squash and receive academic guidance. Playing squash with these kids is a fantastic way to help out while you are having fun and getting exercise. Plus, for a non profit program, StreetSquash's courts are really, really nice.

Best All Around Value Squash Courts

Looking for a compromise between community centers and private social clubs? Join the New York Sports Club. The NYSC has locations all over New York, a few of which have squash courts. In order to play, you'll have to join the gym and then pay for use of the courts on top of your membership fee. At some locations, the squash courts are free to members during off hours. These may not be the nicest indoor courts in New York, they're pretty crowded and sometimes get stinky, but they aren't the worst either. You'll have tons of other members to play with and the locations may be convenient to your office or apartment.

Squash for Kids

Many of the indoor squash courts in New York are adults only. If you are looking for indoor courts where your kids can play, join The Sports Club/LA. The Sports Club/LA is actually located in NY and has a kids club. Your kids can learn to play squash and do all sorts of other activities and sports. The point of this kids club is to give parents the chance to work out while someone else watches their children, so this club may be perfect for you if you want your kids to learn squash and you want time to yourself at the gym.

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