The Best Ladies' Golf Clubs

By Brad Murrow , last updated November 23, 2011

With so many different brands to choose from, buying women’s golf clubs can be a confusing task. While manufacturers may tout unique features of their clubs, the best women’s golf set includes the correct selection and best basic features. Using a few simple guidelines, you can find the best clubs for your game. In general, women’s golf clubs should be longer, lighter, more flexible, and have larger clubheads.


Women are generally shorter and have less muscle mass than men, so women’s clubs should provide more power. This means you’ll want to choose clubs that are more flexible. A more flexible shaft will give you more distance with less effort. Flexible clubs offer less control than stiffer ones, but you can add control with the type of head you pair with your shafts.


Just because women are shorter, on average, than men, doesn’t mean that they want shorter clubs. A longer club takes more time to reach the ball, allowing the clubhead to gain more momentum. This gives you a higher clubhead speed at impact, providing more distance. You’ll lose some control with longer clubs, but the right clubhead will help you make up for the loss of control.


Lighter clubs are easier to swing and let you create more clubhead speed. Choose lighter clubs if you are not muscular and need more power.


While the shaft is important, you hit the ball with the clubhead. For this reason, you’ll want to pay special attention to this part of the club. In general, women will benefit from a larger clubhead for more control. Although smaller clubheads give you more speed and create more distance, you will get extra distance from longer, flexible shafts, so use your clubhead to give you control.

Irons should have perimeter-weighted heads to add control. A wider sole, which is the bottom of the clubhead, helps add stability if you hit the ground. To get more balls into the air, look for a more lofted clubface.

Basic Women’s Golf Club Set

Women should use clubs that emphasize control, since the technology of the clubs you use will provide your power. This means using higher-number clubs instead of power clubs. You are allowed to carry 14 clubs in your bag, but you may not need all of them.

The clubs you may not need include a driver, long irons, and extra wedges. If you are just learning the game, start with a 3-wood, and add 5- and 7-woods. Start your irons with a 5- or 6-iron, since you’ll be using your woods to get you closer to the green. Choose a pitching wedge and add a sand wedge as your second wedge. A mallet putter provides more stability.

Stronger women golfers will want a driver and may want one or more longer irons. They can also choose stiffer or heavier clubs if they have a high swing speed.

Once you have found clubs that provide the right mix of length, weight, flexibility and clubhead features, now you can consider the unique features or particular brands. In addition to different materials that affect play, you can opt for clubs with attractive cosmetics to suit your personal preferences.

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