Best Last Minute Birthday Gifts for Teen Boys

By Sam Feeder , last updated October 26, 2011

The best last minute birthday gifts for teen boys are usually the ones that just about any teenage boy would like. For the most part, they’ll like video games, sports, cars, girls, food etc. So if you think along these lines, finding a great last minute birthday gift for a teen boy shouldn't be too challenging, as all these general interests allow you a lot of different items to buy. Check out some of the suggestions for the best last minute birthday gifts for teen boys and see which ones work the best for you on the way to the birthday party.

The New Hot Video Game
Boys love video games and they especially love video games that allow them to race at high speeds, kill enemy soldiers or monsters and play sports at a high level. So whatever new, hot video game is currently out for Xbox or Playstation the week of the teenaged boy's birthday will be a great present for them, assuming they have one of these systems and use it regularly. You should probably do a small amount of research to be sure what console the guy has before you drop seventy bucks on the game for the wrong system. Or you can just give them a gift certificate to Game Stop for that amount.
Sports Tickets
Most teenage boys love sports, especially live sports, so figure out who their favorite team is and buy them tickets, as long as it is for a reasonable amount and doesn't involve a lot of travel. You can take them to the game in the future or one of their parents can, allowing you to endear yourself to both the teen boy and the lucky parent who gets to go (unless, of course, they don't like sports). These tickets can be expensive, depending on the sport so make sure you are willing to spend the money for at least decent seats to one of the sporting events, because bad seats will make the teenage boy wish he had just stayed home and watched the game on TV.
A Box Set
Figure out the teenaged boy's favorite movie series or television show and buy them the box set, so that they can watch all of the episodes, at least once. This will provide them with many days of entertainment and keep them in the house and out of trouble, which will also be a load off for their parents, in general. The most important thing with this last minute gift is to know what they really like and would love to own all the episodes too, as most teens will just download something, watch it once and never watch it again, these days.
A Kindle
Reading and teen boys aren't necessarily things that go hand in hand, but with the new tablets that can also surf the internet and allow them to do more than just read, Kindles are an ideal present for a teen boy. They are also relatively inexpensive, priced at around a hundred dollars or so.
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