Best Low Maintenance House Plants for Growing in Planters

By Jill Gardiner , last updated April 16, 2011

There are many low maintenance houseplants out there, but some are so easy to grow that they’re nearly indestructible. Some require more light than others, but most can tolerate low light and will thrive on your neglect, even going two weeks or more without watering. Even if you’ve been less than successful with indoor gardening in the past, it’s worth giving these tough customers a shot. After all, houseplants do more than simply improve the look of a room; they improve its air quality, too.

Low Light

Snake plant, or Mother-In-Law’s Tongue, has upright, spiky, architectural foliage that’s all but unkillable. Try sticking this one in your most difficult spots and watch it thrive regardless. Zamioculcus zamiiofolia is difficult to say but not to grow. Commonly called the ZZ plant, this plant doesn’t need a lot of water or light to do its thing. As its name implies, the cast iron plant will give you lush, green foliage and ask little in return in terms of light or water. The trailing stems and heart-shaped leaves of philodendron look great cascading from hanging baskets or spilling over shelves and, for foliage color, there’s more than just green to choose from. Cultivars are available with blue, chartreuse, and variegated leaves. Give philodendron medium light and don’t let the soil dry out. Pothos, or Devil’s Ivy, is another trailer that’s easy to grow. This plant can handle less light and water than the philodendron, and cutting back the stems will keep it bushy.

Bright Light

Dracaena prefers bright, indirect light but not much water. Dracaena fragrans, also called the cornstalk plant, has interesting variegated foliage and fragrant flowers. Also in the bright light category are the succulents aloe vera and jade plant. Just don’t overwater. Another easy care succulent that gets long lasting flowers is kalanchoe. Single or double flowers come in white, pink, yellow, and orange. Another easy care flowering houseplant is the peace lily. Its blooms are long lasting; all it requires is bright to medium light and that you not let it dry out.

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