Best Personalized Gift Ideas

By Nicole Davis , last updated October 26, 2011

The best personalized gift ideas come straight from the heart. They might be something as simple as a homemade card, or as valuable as an engraved diamond bracelet. The options are limitless and your own creativity most definitely comes into play when choosing one of your own. Personalized gifts done right can easily brighten any special moment. If you want to give your friend or loved one a present they will surely treasure for ages, something uniquely personalized will be just the ticket.

One great personalized gift idea is the homemade gift. What’s so great about something homemade? It’s 100% one of a kind and you will both know that there is no other gift in the world quite like that one. Don’t worry if you aren’t the craftiest carpenter on the block or if your art skills aren’t quite to the level of Picasso. When it comes to homemade gifts, it’s definitely the thought that counts most. Try making a homemade birthday card with colorful drawings and a funny inside joke or two for your best friend. How about decorating a cookie tin with festive stickers and filling it with cookies you baked yourself? You can even customize your own scrapbook for a close friend filled with pictures you took together.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can get really creative and try a Mod Podge picture frame to commemorate a special birthday, anniversary or other event. In fact, this sort of craft is really much easier than it sounds. Simply take a plain unfinished frame from a craft supply store and decorate with a collage of pictures or newspaper cutouts using Mod Podge glue and a glue brush. If you’re having trouble getting started, brainstorm a theme to get a jumping off place. What is the other person’s favorite hobby, sport, or activity? What is one of your all-time favorite memories together? You can look for cut outs in all kinds of ordinary publications to match pictures that fit your theme. Don’t be afraid to layer too much or too little, there really are no rules when putting together this sort of project. Leave it out to dry overnight and you have an inexpensive, awesome gift they’re sure to adore.

Another one of the best personalized gift ideas is one that involves a little less hands-on work but just as much love and feeling! Try getting a nice piece of jewelry or a watch for someone you care about and have it engraved with a favorite quote, a commemorative date, or anything you can think of that will make the other person smile and know it was from you! Many jewelers offer engraving services at a low additional charge when purchasing a new item. You can also buy something like an iPod or even a computer and have it engraved with any saying or special phrase your heart desires. Even a simple “To and From” engraving can mean so much more than leaving your gift blank and run of the mill.

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