Best Places to Buy Sports Trophies in Boston

By Sam Feeder , last updated December 23, 2011
Knowing the best places to buy sports trophies in Boston is an important thing these days, as this capital of New England has been winning professional sports championships on a regular basis in just about every sport over the past decade. While these famous, expensive and coveted trophies aren't worked on in the city of Boston, there are a number of different locations in and around the local Boston area where you can have trophies made as replicas to commemorate any of these championship Boston teams. You can also just have trophies made for your own team's success or for a tournament that your kids are in. Below is a list of some of the best places to buy sports trophies in all of Boston.

Alden Galleries Incorporated

Located beside the Commons and historic state house in the heart of downtown Boston, Alden Galleries Inc. is one of the best places to have a trophy constructed, engraved or refurbished in the New England area. For over 56 years they have been one of the first and only stores that specialize in making awards of all types, from plaques to trophies to medallions. Not only do they have excellent craftsmanship but they also have a strong sense of design before they even begin construction on these awards, so that each one looks good, unique and different, no matter what size of sport it is for. They use a wide variety of materials, ranging from crystal to marble to pewter & silver to trophy cups. They are also relatively competitive in their pricing, even though they may be the best in the city.

Rader's Engraving

Virtually next door to the aforementioned Alden Galleries is Rader's engraving, which has been open for over 40 years but still does an excellent job with Alden as its nearby competition. They primarily service jewelry stores and real estate agents when it comes to pieces of signage that they need for their businesses, but are also skilled at making awards and designing trophies out of a variety of different materials. As their name suggests, they are especially skilled at engraving different logos and letters on trophies through a variety of techniques like laser engraving, hand engraving, etching and custom 3D sculpture work. They do plaques, trophies, and medallions, so whatever sports award you want to make and hand out will be a possibility at Rader's.

R&R Trophy & Award, Inc.

Located just outside of Boston in the town of Chelmsford, Massachusetts, R&R Trophy & Award, Inc. is a 30 year old family owned trophy making company who regularly churns out great trophies at some of the lowest prices in the area. They sell high quality awards, from plaques to trophies to medals, but also pride themselves on doing custom pieces for different types of competitions, from the high school basketball tournament to the fantasy football league championship. They use the latest in laser and engraving technology as well, so you can have your trophy made in a relatively short amount of time. While it is a commute from Boston proper, the drive may be worth it for the lower prices.

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