The Best Pop-Up Camping Tents

By Samantha Levin , last updated January 10, 2012

Whether you like to hike or camp, spending the night in the wilderness can be a pleasure with the right pop-up camping tents. Traditional camping tents can be difficult to put together and cause stress in what should be a relaxing environment. With these pop-up tents, you can forget about construction difficulty and focus on enjoying your time in the outdoors. Here are some of the best pop-up camping tents for you and your family while hiking or camping.

Turbolite 4 Person Turbo Tent

Able to house four people, the Turbolite 4 Person Turbo Tent is made of interlocking joints that help the tent keep its shape even if you are unable to fully stake it down. This free-standing tent is perfect for rocky or solid ground areas as the joints help the tent keep its shape and keep the tent poles together regardless of environment. The Turbolite 4 Person Turbo Tent features a privacy block and a special proprietary membrane to block out shadows and images inside the tent at night. This tent holds four people, is perfect for three seasons, and measures 7'11" x 7'11" with a wall height of 4'9" and center height of 6'3". At 25.3 lbs, this tent is manageable for hiking and camping. The Turbolite 4 Person Turbo Tent is available from Family Tent Camping for $314.95.

Wenzel Lone Elk Hiker Biker Tent

If you enjoy biking, the Wenzel Lone Elk Hiker Biker Tent is the perfect compact portable tent for you. Ideal for hikers and bikers that sleep overnight on their trips, this tent measures 6.5' x 4' with a center height of 36", an area of 23 sq. ft., and weighs only 3.8 lbs. This tent sleeps one person and features an arch style, polyester taffeta floor, fiberlass and steel frame, and steel pegs. The Wenzel Lone Elk Hiker Biker Tent is well-ventilated and easy to set up with its included stakes and guy out ropes. A mesh front door cover and foot vent allows for maximum air circulation while the tent stays protected from weather with rain flaps. The Wenzel Lone Elk Hiker Biker Tent, stakes, guy out ropes, and storage duffel are available from Camping Station for $29.15.

Rightline Gear 110990 CampRight Pop Up Tent

If you're hiking or camping with a friend, boyfriend, or girlfriend, the Rightline Gear 110990 CampRight Pop Up Tent is a great two-person sleeping tent. Easy to put together with a one-minute setup time and no poles, this tent measures 90" L x 72" W x 42" H, just right for two adults. Lightweight weighing only 4.75 lbs, this tent can easily be carried during your camping trek. The Rightline Gear 110990 CampRight Pop Up Tent features two windows and one door with privacy mesh and storm covers. The tent fabric is water resistant and sealed, so a rain fly is not necessary. The tent's floor is also water-resistant and using a ground tarp is optional. If you need a separate tent for the kids, this tent is a great option as the kids can set it up themselves. The Rightline Gear 110990 CampRight Pop Up Tent is available from Amazon for $99.95.

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