The Best Pull Up Bars

By Mick Travis , last updated December 7, 2011

The best pull-up bars are those which allow the user to perform a few extra exercises in addition to pull-ups, and which are easy to put into place. Bracketed pull-up bars, which are installed in a door frame with screws, may offer more piece of mind in terms of support, but they also leave big, unattractive screw holes in the sides of doorways when removed. The following pull-up bars simply hang on door trim, require no screws, and are versatile enough to incorporate a handful of different exercises besides pull-ups.

Everlast Multi-Function Chin-Up Bar

Like any well-designed, modern pull-up bar, the Everlast Multi Function Chinning Bar has many uses aside from the traditional pull-up, and does not need to be permanently installed in a doorframe. Users are able to perform wide grip pull-ups that work out the upper and outer back muscles, narrow grip pull-ups that exercise the lower lateral muscles and biceps, and behind-the-neck pull-ups that work the center upper back muscles and biceps. The rounded shape of the bar also allows for proper form while performing abdominal crunches on the floor, when the bar is placed under the head and upper shoulders. The bar can also be placed on the ground, with the curve side facing up, and used as a stable push-up bar with wide and narrow hand placement.

Creative Fitness Door Gym

Similar to the Everlast Multi-Function Chin-Up Bar, the Creative Fitness Door Gym hangs easily on a stable piece of door trim with no installation, and is adjustable to meet the varying widths of different doorframes. The Creative Fitness Door Gym actually has more door width adaptability than the Everest Multi-Function Chin-Up Bar, extending up to 45 inches in width, which makes it a better choice for those who live in a home with doorways of varying width, and who intend to move their bar from room to room frequently.

The Creative Fitness Door Gym allows the user to do wide grip, close grip and behind-the-neck pull-ups. It can also be placed under the upper back for graceful, rolling abdominal crunches, and placed on the floor, curved side up, for performing push-ups. Interesting extra features of the Creative Fitness Door Gym are the "ab loops," two durable fabric slings which are attached to the bar grips, and on which the user can support their arms while performing suspended knee raises to work abdominal muscles.

GoFit Elevated Chin-Up Station

The GoFit Elevated Chin-Up Station stands out among the three pull-ups bars listed here, in that its design incorporates two bars of different height. A lower, straight bar can be used for wide and close grip pull-ups, as can the higher, curved bar, which allows for a larger distance of body weight lifting and increased workout intensity. The bar can be placed on the floor as a push-up bar or as a tricep dip station, and can also be combined with hanging arm straps to perform suspended knee raises for abdominal workouts. These straps are sold separately from the bar.

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