The Best Racing Bikes

By Heidi Green , last updated January 24, 2012

Whether you are looking to perfect your racing skills and compete or you are simply looking to beat your previous best time, you'll want to procure the highest quality racing bike you can; this article reviews some of the very best racing bikes you can find. Also known as "road" bikes, quality racing bikes are designed for speed, efficiency and easy handling. Usually made from ultra light weight components, a well made racing bike is a necessity if you plan to enter the world of professional bicycle racing. Even if you are just looking for a fast thrill ride, however, a racing bike is sure to give you the rush you are after.

The Road Racer SL01 2011 Ultegra From BMC

When professional bicycle racers choose a bike, they only go for companies that produce the finest quality parts. The Road Racer SL01 2011 Ultegra from BMC is one of those bicycles that professionals love. Known for an efficient use of lightweight parts, The Road Racer features a professionally engineered carbon frame that takes an aerodynamically minded use of geometry and ensures the smoothest and fastest ride possible. The fork is manufactured completely from carbon, as well, with a resulting ride that is comfortable, speedy and ultra responsive. The seat post is made completely from carbon as well, and features a clamping system for adjustable comfort that is always perfectly aligned. You'll also want to take a look at the novel use of shape in the skeleton itself, where the tube junctions are optimally designed to transfer weight. Reinforced carbon elements line the node points for increased strength, and the tapered head tube helps foster more responsive steering. Available in sleek red, white and black, the Road Racer SL01 will take your racing game several notches higher with light weight ease and strength.

The 2011 SL1 Professional Road Bike From Fuji

Known for a devotion to quality and the finest materials available, Fuji has been producing the world's most sought after road bikes for generations. Favored by professionals and novices alike, Fuji has a worldwide fan base for good reason. Just take a look at the 2011 Fuji SL1 Pro Road Bike, and you'll know exactly why these bikes are so popular. The frame, designed from high quality carbon, features 12K weave carbon strands and curved carbon stays for a lightweight and responsive ride. The bonded carbon fork is designed to create a minimum of vibration on various road surfaces, while the dual pivot brakes from Tektro give you unprecedented speed control and quick braking power. You'll also appreciate the 20 speed drive train with an ergonomic design for easy and efficient shifting. The handlebars, seat post and stem are made from blended, lightweight alloy metals with extra durability and strength. You'll also appreciate the Velo saddle with light and impact resistant chromoly rails for enhanced and long lasting comfort on the longest of roads. The SL1 also includes puncture resistant tires designed to give you unprecedented levels of road feel and response.

The 2011 Izalco Team Replica From Focus Bikes

Even if you aren't a professional bicycle racer (yet), you should still feel like your equipment is of the highest caliber and ready for professional touring. The 2011 Izalco Team Replica racing bike from Focus bikes makes that easy, as its modeled exactly after the bicycle that professional riders for Focus use. The features on this bike are extremely numerous, and include a unidirectional frame made with high tech and lightweight carbon fiber. You might also notice the tapered head tube and aerodynamic bottom bracket that helps to increase pedal stiffness and a natural pedaling position. Also, the unique Focus engineered "Stable Stiffness per Size" system enables a customized frame size designed to correspond with the right tube diameter for responsive handling and lightning quick turn response. The professional level carbon fork from Funda also features a carbon steerer for durable road feel. The compact drivetrain is a thing of beauty as well, and features supremely easy to use and ergonomic shifting with adjustable levers and seamless shifting. This Team Replica also features a performance level, Swiss made wheel set for lightweight and extra smooth performance, while the Continental Grand Prix tires features low rolling resistance and an excellent traction ratio on the toughest corners. Because you want your racing bike to look great, the Team Replica also features a durable, powder coated lacquer layer covering it. Designed to be scratch resistant and impact proof, you'll be the envy of the starting line on this bike.

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