Best Retailers for Women's Shoes

By Jonathan Bales , last updated October 6, 2011

There are so many different types of women's shoes available that shopping for a pair can be both fun and exciting, as well as difficult. The number of women's shoe retailers is surely vast, ranging from small boutiques to large department stores. The latter of course have the most options, but smaller shops can offer styles which cannot be found anywhere else. Thus, the best women's shoe retailer for you will be the one which best matches not on your budget, but also your personal style. It is fun to sift through all of the styles, but it can be painful deciding which pair is best with such a large selection. Read below for information on a couple of the most popular retailers of women's shoes.


Macy's is the nation's largest department store, with over 800 stores across the country. Macy's offers an incredibly vast array of women's shoes, ranging from relatively affordable brands and styles to more expensive designer varieties. Nine West, Jessica Simpson and Steve Madden brands are complemented by Coach and Michael Kors, among others. Thus, Macy's is generally popular with just about everyone.

Unlike many other stores that offer designer brands, Macy's is known for having a multitude of great sales. If you make any purchase of $99 or more on, shipping is free. They regularly have 50% off sales, and these deals apply to the highest quality of women's shoes. From sandals to pumps to boots, Macy's truly has it all when it comes to women's shoes.

Included among the current sale items at Macy's are Alfani Dunbar Wedge Sandals and Marc Fisher Avery Sandals. The wedges come in black or red and have a peep-toe profile. They possess a cork heel and versatile design, capable of matching a variety of outfits. The three-inch wedge adds enough height for great style, yet is low enough to wear around the office. The Alfani Dunbar Wedge Sandals, which originally retail for $69, are running for just $24 at Macy's right now.

The Marc Fisher Avery Sandals have a back zipper and three-inch covered heel. Available in gold or silver, they also possess puffy straps and an eye-catching shiny finish. The sandals are currently 33% of their original $75 price tag. The Alfani Dunbar Wedge Sandals and Marc Fisher Avery Sandals are perfect examples of the type of magnificent deals one can acquire on women's shoes at Macy's.


Large department stores like Macy's are great for those who want a vast selection of women's shoes because there are locations across the country. Barney's, on the other hand, offers a more focused type of women's shoe and has stores only in New York City. For women in that area, though, a trip to Barney's is a necessity. Of course, Barney's is not for everyone, as the prices are on the high side. If you have the means, though, the quality of women's shoes at Barney's is second to none.

You will not find the same sort of sales at Barney's that are available at Macy's. You will, however, be able to uncover designer women's shoes in the latest styles. For the woman who has a large budget and wants to be in style at all times, Barney's is the place to go. Their Christian Louboutin Pigalle Heels, Pierre Hardy Ankle Boots, and Givenchy Riding Rainboots are perfect examples of that.

Christian Louboutin Pigalle Heels, which are made in Italy, are among the classiest in the world. Retailing for $595, the tan leather toe pumps have a 100 mm heel. The heels also possess the famous Christian Louboutin red heel, letting everyone know you are wearing the best of the best. The Christian Louboutin Pigalle Heels are the quintessential Barney's women's shoe.

Barney's Pierre Hardy Ankle Boots are available in black and have a leather platform. Running for $545, the unique shoes also possess a wraparound buckle strap and a wedge heel. The crepe sole caps off a look you will not find anywhere else.

For a completely different type of look, the Givenchy Riding Rainboots might be more your style. They are far more affordable than the Christian Louboutin heels, retailing for $250. Available in black and made in Italy, the boots have a rubber and metal stirrup at the ankle, providing functionality to a look that is not all about fashion. The rainboots have a high 15.5-inch shaft.

Together, the heels, ankle boots, and rainboots give a vivid picture of the type of women's shoes available at Barney's. The selection is narrower than that at Macy's, but you can also find the rarest of shoes. These two retailers of women's shoes are very different in their selection and affordability, but very much the same in their popularity.

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