The Best Shimano Fishing Equipment

By Shannon C , last updated December 28, 2011

If you are a fishing enthusiast, then regardless of your skill level, you will appreciate Shimano as a company that produces some of the best fishing equipment on the market today. Offering power, high functionality and reliability, and a variety of options for different types of fishing, Shimano produces a full line of high-end fishing equipment. Learn about the best Shimano fishing equipment and choose the pieces that are the best fit for your next fishing expedition.

Shimano TVC58XH Trevala Casting Rod

If you are in the habit of using jigging-style lures, then you won't be able to help but appreciate the lightweight, powerful, durable and high speed Shimano TVC58XH Trevala casting rod. At five feet, eight inches in length, made from graphite nylon, lightweight outfitted with the latest in Fuji Alconite concept guides, and featuring custom EVA grips for comfort and stability, the Shimano TVC58XH is simply one of the best pieces of fishing equipment that Shimano makes. It is recommended that if you are going to use the Shimano TVC58XH Trevala casting rod, you pair it with a Shimano Stella or Trinidad model reel. You can get the Shimano TVC58XH Trevala casting rod from West Marine online for $169.99.

Shimano Trinidad A Fishing Reel

The Shimano Trinidad A fishing reel is the perfect complement to the Shimano TVC58XH Trevala casting rod. This is because you will need a reel that is equally lightweight and focused on speed as your rod. The Shimano Trinidad A fishing reel is an ultra-compact one-piece design constructed of cold-forged aluminum, magnumlite and Dartanium II woven carbon fiber for high-pressure fishing. The handle shank is adjustable, and the handle knob is designed ergonomically for extra comfort during a long day of fishing. This reel is approved for both saltwater and freshwater use and is certified for mono, fluorocarbon and pro lines. You can get the Shimano Trinidad A fishing reel from All Tackle online for $499.99 plus shipping.

Shimano Butterfly Jig System

Shimano produces a full range of jigs, from the waxwing jig to the Lucanus jig to the butterfly and shallow water butterfly jigs. Shimano jigs are designed to be used with high-powered Shimano equipment like the Shimano TVC58XH Trevala casting rod and the Shimano Trinidad A fishing reel. Depending on what type of fishing expedition you are planning, you may want to purchase one of Shimano's all-inclusive systems such as the Shimano butterfly jigging system that comes with a series of butterfly flat and shallow water butterfly jigs, paired with a Shimano jigging rod. Shimano's butterfly jigs have been proven to attract fish even in very difficult deep-water conditions or when the fish simply don't seem inclined to bite. The Shimano butterfly jigs produce a signature "darting" action, causing them to spin across the water and attract a great variety of different game fish. You can get the Shimano Butterfly Jig System from Tackle Direct, and pricing will vary depending on the rod you select.

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