Best Sunglasses Brands for Outdoor Exercise

By Mark Cook , last updated December 27, 2011

When looking for the best brands of sunglasses to wear during your outdoor exercises there are several considerations you should keep in mind. First and foremost, you want a pair that does a great job protecting your eyes. Especially during those hot summer months, it is extremely important to have glasses with strong UV protection. This is particularly true if you engage in lengthy outdoor activity such as playing sports or running long distances. Another very important factor is comfort. Sunglasses should not be intrusive to your exercise but should rather be so fitting that you almost forget they are there. Many of the top brands manufacture sunglasses with light and durable material such as flexible meals and strong plastics. There are several brands that specialize in designing sunglasses specifically for outdoor recreation and exercise. By going with one of these brands you are assured of putting your eyes in good hands!


Without any doubt, Oakleys are the best brand of outdoor and sporting sunglasses. They make sunglasses in many different types of designs including some with larger, bulkier frames and others with more subdued, lightweight frames. In fact, Oakley tailors glasses specifically for the type of sport or exercise you are engaged in and have designs particularly for baseball, golf, cycling, running, volleyball, and even triathalon activity. Some of their more popular models include the Half Jacket and the Radar Range. The Half Jacket is made for people with larger faces as they cover a larger area than most ordinary glasses. They also come with optional lens so you can change them depending on the brightness. The Radar Range is known for its extreme comfort as it is made with Oakley’s signature lightweight O Matter material. There is also no bottom rim to these glasses allowing for expanded view below your horizontal sightline. These are just a few of the many great sunglasses Oakley offers!

Under Armour

Under Armour is a brand that is known mostly for its athletic apparel. While they make very high quality shorts and bottoms, they also deign great sunglasses for outdoor activity. Most of their glasses feature their ArmourFusion technology for extremely lightweight yet durable frames and most of their frames come with polarized lenses for increased eye protection. One great deign is their Enforcer Multiflectoion Sunglasses which has increased depth protection around the sides of the frames so that your peripherals stay covered throughout your workout. Under Armour is a great choice for outdoor exercise sunglasses.


Smith is another great designer that specializes in outdoor sporting sunglasses. They do an excellent job of designing glasses that are highly protective while still remaining aesthetically pleasing. You can find many styles that are great for working out, yet still look amazing for casual use. Their lens technology is excellent as it adapts to light changes to keep your eyes protected from abrupt spurts of brightness or sudden darkness. Their Interlock Spoiler is a great pair of sunglasses particularly for bike riders as they are wind resistant and adjust to changes in light. The best part about Smith glasses is that they are available in a wide spectrum of colors from black to brown to tortoise shell to more bold colors such as teal and orange.

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