Best Tablet Computers for Business

By Mark Cook , last updated July 6, 2011

Though tablets are mainly thought to be for personal use, they are becoming increasingly popular in the business world. With the business world growing more and more global and mobile, people are looking to tablet computers in order to stay in touch with their daily operations. Many businesses shied away from tablets when they were first released for fear that they would not provide proper security needed for business ventures. However as tablets have developed and improved their security issues, more and more business are turning to them as a way to stay connected all the time. Tablets are a convenient and easy way to constantly be connected to your email, documents, and even other business partners while away from your desk. These computers are also more portable than laptops and more adept with the ever increasing app world. Here are a few of the tablets that are best for the business purposes.

Asus Eee Slate EP121

The Asus brand tablet is one of the fastest and largest tablets out there today. It features a 12.1 inch screen with a remarkable 1200x800 pixel resolution. It has one of the clearest and most precise picture displays on the market, making it great for on the go presentations. Also, this tablet comes with an Intel Core i5 processor allowing for superb speed and multi-tasking ability. The Asus tablet runs on the Windows 7 Home Premium operating system so it operates just like any home or work computer. Because of this its security features can be adjusted as desired for your business. The main criticism for this tablet is that the battery life is quite short, with manufacturers claiming that it can last up to 4.5 hours, or roughly half that of other tablets. The Asus Slate is on the expensive side, running a price of over $1250, however its functionality makes it a sound investment for many businessmen and women.

Apple iPad 2

The iPad is perhaps the most popular and common of all tablets. It is highly portable with a weight of only 16 ounces while it still maintains a 9 ¾ inch display. Unlike the original iPad, the iPad 2 features a dual-core Apple A5 processor along with an updated operating system making it extremely fast and multi-functional. You can seamlessly run multiple apps without loss of speed of functionality. The appealing aspect of the iPad for many business users is the face time app which allows users to connect wirelessly with business partners across the world. Also, the iPad can connect to iWork and other Microsoft Office programs, allowing users to pull up and adjust their documents on the go. Additionally the battery life of the iPad is about 10 hours, making it great for those who cannot charge their tablets for an extended amount of time. The downfall with the iPad is that it is still not compatible with Adobe Flash, so business who rely on Flash may want to look elsewhere. The iPad 2 ranges from $499 to $829 based on memory space and 3G capability.

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