Best Time of Year to Buy a Mattress

By Brendan Gibney , last updated January 13, 2012

The best time of year to purchase a mattress largely depends on your desired price range. Indeed, people most often purchase a new mattress once the incumbent one has worn out, as mattresses seem to be on sale every week. But considering that you spend nearly a third of your life on your mattress, buying the best mattress available at the best price is a wise decision. Mattress shopping at the right time of year can significantly reduce the price you pay for your mattress.

Though mattresses seem to be perpetually on sale, the best sales occur around the winter holidays or on Memorial Day weekend, with the latter having the lowest prices. Graduations, weddings, divorces, new home purchases, and the approaching school year raise mattress sales dramatically and lower prices, and stores need to clear out space for newer, more comfortable mattresses. The combination of fresh mattresses and sales makes Memorial Day weekend the best time to shop for one.

However, visiting the store either right before or after Memorial Day weekend may be a more astute decision. Comfort should be the primary factor in selecting a new mattress, and going to the store during the rush of Memorial Day weekend could hinder your attempts to find the best mattress. There will be countless others testing new mattresses and employees may not be able to devote as much time to every individual customer. If you avoid this main rush, you will likely have more time both for testing mattresses and for speaking with a mattress professional, which should ensure a better choice.

Opting for the Memorial Day weekend sale may be especially important if you are considering a memory-foam mattress. These mattresses maximize comfort, but do so at the expense of a much warmer sleeping experience. Many users report being too hot in this type of mattress. If you find a store that ensures a 30-day trial period, which you should always look for and take advantage of, purchasing a memory-foam mattress right before summer will allow you to test it during the warmer months.

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