The Best Treadmill Manufacturers

By Emma Stein , last updated January 10, 2012

Treadmills are one of the hottest pieces of cardio equipment out there; you can walk, you can run, or anything in between, but because of this popularity, there is a multiplicity of treadmill manufacturers on the market and it can be difficult to decide which is best.


Precor is one of the top of the market manufacturers, especially with their Precor 9.31, 9.33, and 9.35. The company, which began manufacturing sporting equipment in 1980, has a reputation for excellent, innovation, and quality, with its treadmills repeatedly winning design awards. Their models are well-constructed and extremely sturdy. The consoles are easy to use and come with many programs and features like user IDs. Best of all, the entire machine comes with a 1 year full warranty, while the parts have a whooping 10 year warranty. However Precor machines tend to be expensive, with the 9.35 model at 4,500 dollars, and the type you are more apt to find in a professional gym than in someone's home. An older model though, with less bells and whistles, like the 9.23, which is currently retailing on their website for 1,600 dollars, could be a good investment for those who are more budge conscious and just aiming for home use.


Proform is another good, slightly less expensive bet for getting your treadmill. They have a multiplicity of models, many of which retail for under 1,000 dollars, like the bargain Performance 400 which retails for a mere $600 and folds vertically for storage. Many of their treadmills, even their less expensive ones, have received awards and accolades. The company also produces more expensive models like the PRO 4500 and the PRO 2500.

Whichever treadmill you choose, remember to keep in mind your own needs, financially and in terms of fitness. You may not need a top of the line treadmill if you're only planning to run or walk a few times a week.

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