Best Uses for a Brillo Pad

By Elizabeth Hannigan , last updated February 7, 2011

Brillo pads are useful when it comes to scrubbing tough stains in your house, especially when you know what they are best used to clean. Brillo pads may become even more invaluable to you now that they come in three different strengths. The makers of Brillo pads recommend all sorts of unusual uses for their product. Now you can find a Brillo pad for nearly every circumstance or area of your house you want to clean.

Brillo Strip & Shine

The Brillo strip and shine soap free wool balls are just balls of steel wool. They are for cleaning, polishing, stripping and shining. You can combine them with your favorite household cleanser to achieve the results you need. Brillo insists that these steel wool balls can be used on any surface except for nonstick pans, but recommends that you test inconspicuous corners before you begin your scrubbing. These steel wool balls have been used by mechanics for years to scrape the rust off of chrome.

Brillo OxiClean

The new Brillo steel wool pads with OxiClean are recommended for pots, pans, glassware, outdoor furniture, car windshields, shower doors, tires, golf clubs and your grill. These pads cut grease with the OxiClean, then help you to scrub any remaining dirt away with steel wool. They are guaranteed by Brillo to work, but be careful not to scrub too hard or you risk scratching your pots and glass.

Brillo All Purpose Scratchless Pads

After years of complaints about Brillo pads scratching what they are supposed to clean, Brillo invented the scratchless pad. These pads will scour your kitchen and bathroom surfaces without leaving scratches. In fact, they are so gentle that Brillo recommends that you use them to clean your fruits and vegetables before you eat.

If you thought Brillo pads were an indispensable household item before, now you are certain to always have them on hand for all of your cleaning needs.

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