Best Ways to Buy Gold

By Erik Neilson , last updated December 24, 2011

For those who are setting out to buy gold, it can be helpful to have an idea as to which are the best ways to go about the process. After all, buying gold can be exceedingly dangerous when done blindly, as there are many individuals who prey on the uninformed in order to make an extra dollar. That said, there are a few ways to go about buying gold that come with relatively low risks, ensuring that you don’t overpay for what you’re getting.

Shop at a Jeweler

Without a doubt, the best way to go about buying gold is to shop at a reputable jeweler. A jeweler that has a good reputation in the community is likely to give you the fairest pricing you’ll find, making it possible for those who are on a budget to find pieces that they can afford. Note that you should compare prices with at least three different jewelers in order to ensure that you’re paying as little as possible.

Online Dealers

While buying gold online used to be considered very risky, quite a bit has changed over the years, and online buying is now viewed as a viable option for those who are in the market for gold. Buying gold online is not only easy and convenient, but can actually help you to save quite a bit of money in the long run. Always read reviews of online buyers before deciding who to purchase gold from.

Private Dealers

Private gold dealers can be found in virtually every decently-sized city in the world. While it’s important to be discerning when looking for a private dealer, it would be unfair to say that there aren’t plenty of honest individuals dealing gold privately. When choosing a private gold dealer to buy from, strive to work off of referrals from friends or family members who have recently purchased gold.
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