Best Ways to Paint a Ceiling Fan

By Anne Davis , last updated January 31, 2012

If you're trying to give your living room a facelift by painting your ceiling fan, these are the best ways to complete your project. You can give your space a fresh, new look with only a little bit of cash and time.


Before doing any painting, disassemble your ceiling fan. This includes taking down the globe and dismantling the blades. Once you've removed the ceiling fan blades, clean them with soapy water and allow them to dry thoroughly. Once they are dry, you will want to sand them down using a medium-grit sand paper to remove grime and old paint from the blades' surfaces.

Lay the blades out on a dry, flat surface (cover the surface with newspaper or something else to protect it). While wearing a facemask, spray a clear primer over all of the blades. Once the primer dries on one side, you will want to turn them over and spray the other side. One can of paint should be enough for this task.


Once the blades have dried, you can apply your paint. Regardless of the type of paint that you use, brush it onto the blades, following the grain of the wood. Express your creativity by playing around with color, designs, and textures. Allow the paint to dry completely before turning the blades over to paint the other side. Don't forget to paint the edges!

As the blades dry, you can paint the screws to give the fan a more complete look. You can paint each screw individually, or save yourself some time by sticking the screws into a piece of styrofoam and spray painting them all at once. Regardless of your method, allow them to dry completely before you touch them.

If you are going to paint the globe, that is, the piece to which the blades attach, follow the same steps as with the blades, minus the sanding (most globes are metal or glass). Choose a color that complements your new blades.

When everything is dry, you can reassemble your ceiling fan. Ensure that all screws are replaced and all wires are reconnected, if you disconnected any. Enjoy your new space!

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