The Best Ways to Store Summer Clothes

By Katie Bolin , last updated May 6, 2011

The changing seasons from summer to fall also mark a change in your wardrobe. As long sleeve shirts come out, the shorts and short sleeves get packed away. The best ways to store summer clothing are quite simple, and these 4 tips will help you organize and protect your clothes until you're ready to flaunt them again.


You'll need to decide which pieces of your clothing are wearable throughout fall and winter. As weather can sometimes be unpredictable, keeping a few tank tops around while packing the rest of your summer clothes is generally a good idea. Try to choose pieces that will go well with cardigans or sweaters, and colors that will mesh well with fall colors.


It's important to clean all of your clothes before they get packed away. Leaving dirty clothes in a contained box may produce unwelcome smells when it comes to breaking out summer clothes again. Also, make sure to dry your clothes thoroughly as to avoid mold growth, and fold them nicely so they are ready to wear right out of the box.


It may be helpful to organize your clothing according to type. Storing bottoms such as skirts, shorts, light pants and Capri pants separate from tops like tanks, sleeveless shirts and midriff baring pieces will make everything easier for you when you're unpacking your summer clothes. If organization is your strong suit, take it one step further and organize by color.


If you're worried about bugs getting into your storage containers, try placing cedar wood chips or moth balls in with your clothes. However be aware that the smell of moth balls can prove difficult to remove from some types of clothing. Washing them with detergent and vinegar may help, as well as air drying them in the sun until the smell comes out.

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