The Best Wealth Management Firms

By Ted Rollins , last updated October 12, 2011

A wealth management or investment management firm is an organization of professionals that handle a group of assets and securities, using the profits to help investors meet their financial goals. Wealth management firms, unlike many mutual funds, only cater to high net worth individuals, private institutions and other bodies with large amounts of money to invest. In the following, you'll learn about a few of the best wealth management firms out there. The success of wealth management firms relative to one another changes quite often, so make sure to do research on the current state of any wealth management firm prior to making an investment.

Franklin Templeton

Franklin Templeton Investments is one of the biggest names in wealth management, and not without good reason. The group runs the largest equity fund available in the Templeton Growth Fund, which started in 1954 and now houses nearly 30 billion dollars in assets. Franklin Templeton has a reputation for being fairly conservative in its fund management, although they are more than willing to tailor their products to wealthy investors.

Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs now stands as one of the most highly respected, if not the most respected, of all firms in the United States. Goldman provides asset management services to its clients, and their Assets Management Hedge Fund is one of the most successful funds annually. Goldman lacks the conservative reputation of Franklin Templeton and is known for hiring the best talent out there in its advisors and managers.

Bridgewater Associates

Bridgewater Associates offers a solid third option for wealth management services. The Connecticut based company is known for its macroeconomic focus on investing and also for their attempt to rely less on computerized models than its competitors. While the fund may lack some of the name recognition of its more illustrious competitors, it's been one of the most successful firms in recent years.

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