Building a Homemade Deer Stand

By Ren Orin , last updated January 15, 2012

Making your own deer stand takes some patience and planning, but building it is quite rewarding. Whether you do it to eat, to hone your skills or just to experience the great outdoors, building a deer stand is a great way to finesse your deer-hunting experience.

Building a raised deer stand has many benefits for the serious hunter. It’s much harder for deer to catch your scent when you’re elevated, and it gives you a superior vantage point. It is highly recommended that you find a deer stand plan and work off of that. Different plans are available for different styles of deer stands; the one that works best for you will depend on your location, your style and your ability.

Select the Spot

The first thing you need to do is find the perfect location for your deer stand, so do a little reconnaissance work. You want to find a location that deer frequent, so keep an eye out for deer droppings and footprints. Select a tree with a Y fork; this will provide a sturdy base for your stand. You want your stand to be 9-13 feet above the forest floor, so try to find a tree with an appropriate fork. Make sure the tree is healthy and not rotten or damaged in any way.

Select the Style

There are many different styles of deer stands, but they can be narrowed down, mostly, to three different styles. The ladder stand has a ladder, a seat and a platform connected to the tree. They’re simple to make, but stationary. Hanging stands are a variation on the ladder stand; they use cables or chains to connect the seat and platform to the tree. Hanging stands are usually stationary as well.

A freestanding tree stand is yet another stationary option. This deer stand doesn’t really need a tree (unless you choose to use it as method of camouflage). It’s basically a platform, a blind and a seat. Make sure your frame is sturdy if you’re going to use this sort of stand; you’ll be spending a long time up there, and you want to feel secure. Freestanding deer stands require more construction material and time, so it will be an investment.

If you’re looking for a more portable style, perhaps the climbing stand would be better for you. Climbing stands are more of a challenge to build safely. They consist of two parts that climb up the tree, which makes them convenient if you’re going to be moving around. They’re available online at hunting stores, and if you’re dead set on building your own, plans are available as well.

Get Hunting

Now that you’ve got the perfect place to hide out, it’s time to go hunting! Grab your gear and hit the trail. Whether you are hunting for fun or hunting for supper, you’re sure to have a great time in your homemade stand

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