Buying Apartments in Columbia, SC

By Renee Gerber , last updated October 31, 2011

When you are hunting for the perfect apartment to buy in Columbia, South Carolina, make sure to take deep breaths and follow through. There are so many things to consider while apartment hunting and we have some great tips that can help you along. Following our suggestions of looking through local papers like Free Times and speaking with local real estate agents and you will be on your way to finding and buying a great apartment in Columbia.

The first aspect that goes into your search for a new apartment in Columbia, South Carolina (or anywhere, for that matter) relates to how much money you are willing and able to spend on it. In general, most people have a very specific cost that will be their limit, especially when they are on a tight budget and given the troubled economy. Unless you are independently wealthy, you will also have to take the time to get a good mortgage loan as well. It is recommended that you acquire your mortgage through a bank or other financial institution rather than the real estate firm with which you will be doing business. Generally speaking, mortgages you can get through these companies will have higher fees attached to them.

Of course, you will also have to decide exactly where in Columbia you would like to live. As in all cities, certain neighborhoods are more preferable and desirable than others. Some of the key neighborhoods in Columbia are Rosewood, which is close to schools for students of all ages, Forest Hills, a beautiful, historical town and Heathwood, which is a central urban area. If you are unfamiliar with Columbia, you may want to walk around these and other neighborhoods in to explore and get a better feel for the areas. This is perhaps the best way to make a choice as to where you want to live. You can even walk into co-op buildings you pass during your walk to inquire about any apartments that may be available to purchase.

Check the local newspapers in the Columbia area. The Columbia Star, Free Times and Gilbert Newswire are among some of the notable and reputable. The classifieds will be chock full of ads for apartments in the city that are available to buy. You will find plenty of listings of co-ops, condos and possibly even apartments that are part of two family private houses in Columbia. Be sure to consult with the official website for these papers as well, as you will have access to even more ads directing you to apartments. Additional sites, such as Craig's List and those specifically geared toward apartment hunting in Columbia, South Carolina, should also be explored.

Some of the top real estate agencies in Columbia are Russel & Jeffcoat Real Estate, Inc., Leo Windham Agency, Bob Capes Property Management and Wolfe Co., Inc. Consider hiring a broker from one of these agencies or another in the area, as they will be familiar with Columbia apartments for sale and can direct you to the perfect one for you.

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