Buying Football Helmets for Children

By Justin Graves , last updated December 7, 2011

When shopping for football helmets for children, there are several tips and high-quality retailers you can use to purchase your helmets. Of course, it is important to do plenty of research on each helmet company before making a purchase. Also, you need to determine whether you are shopping for football helmets that will actually be used in the sport of football, or helmets that will be worn as decorations or costumes.

Collectible and Costume Helmets

For collectible helmets and helmets designed to be worn as costumes, you can browse the Riddell Collectible Football Helmets and Franklin Youth Uniform Sets section of the NFL Helmet Shop website. These helmets are modeled after the logos of the top National Football League teams and work well as part of a football costume or outfit.

Functional Football Helmets

If you're looking for official football helmets for children playing in a youth football league, it is recommended that you purchase helmets produced by the Riddell manufacturing company. You can purchase Riddell children's football helmets through the Sports Authority for reasonable prices. To view the various Riddell children's football helmets, you can visit your local Sports Authority store or browse the helmets available at the official Sports Authority website. Generally, these helmets will range between $75 and $150 per helmet.

It is also highly important that you check with the local football league or youth association in your area to determine which helmets are safest and best to use. Also, members of the association or children's football league may be able to direct you to the best vendors for children's football helmets. As a rule, though, Riddell is considered the leader in the children's football helmet market, and your best bet is to check with them first. You may wish to request a Riddell buying guide as well.

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