Caring for the Forsythia Plant

By Ted Rollins , last updated September 21, 2011

The forsythia is a bold yellow bush that begins to bloom in the springtime. When left to grow on their own, forsythia can reach heights up to ten feet tall and wide, meaning that you'll have to devote a bit of time to keeping your forsythia in check. Luckily, the bush isn't very picky when it comes to general care.

When planting your forsythia, select an area with good drainage as well as three or more hours of direct sunlight per day. You should propagate your forsythia from cuttings; find them on forsythia already in your garden or from ones in the neighborhood, picking out only new growth rather than wilted and unhealthy stems. Using a rooting hormone, plant in a pot in the shade. Water frequently; after a few seasons, the cutting will begin to grow and prosper, at which point its roots are healthy enough to place in your garden. If you want to transfer a forsythia, do it in the spring or fall due to cooler temperatures. Prior to movement, trim the forsythia drastically so that its roots will have less weight to support. Aid growth by pruning near the base of the shrub using clippers, removing old canes. Using this method, you'll achieve lots of new blooming, giving the forsythia the desired large growth for which its known. Remember to also prune after the blooming season passes to encourage growth in the next season. Prune branches near the middle of the plant , cutting close to the stem. At this point, you can trim to about one-third of the size of the bush without doing any damage. Water gently on a weekly basis, assuming there's been limited rainfall.

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