Caring for Ligustrum Hedges

By Shannon C , last updated May 23, 2011

Ligustrum, also commonly known by its botanical name of Ligustrum japonicum, or as Japanese privet hedge, is most frequently used for easily cared for hedge plantings or as a bonsai. This versatile, hardy hedge can be trained and shaped to create a lovely formal hedge or a small bonsai tree depending on the desired use.

The ligustrum hedge is evergreen, which gives it added versatility with year-round visual interest. Larger plantings can also be used for specimen plantings and border hedges. In the springtime, ligustrum produces profuse clusters of small white blooms that provide a delightful fragrance for all and the onset of spring allergies for others. In the fall, ligustrum will also produce blackish berries that will remain on the plant through the winter season. Learn more now about how to care for your ligustrum hedge in your own home garden or landscape setting.

Preparing to Plant Ligustrum

Ligustrum enjoys warm ciimates with plenty of direct sunlight, although it can also fare well in shade. Ligustrum is not specific about soil conditions as long as drainage is adequate. Allowing for sufficient space for these fast growing hedges to mature is critical, as is planning for adequate air circulation to the interior of the plant, without which fungus may arise.

Planting and Caring for Ligustrum

Ligustrum are often grown in containers as bonsai but otherwise can be planted in larger containers or in free soil. Ligustrum will need regular pruning for maintenance of air circulation and shape, and this can be done at any time. Providing frequent watering and staking as young plants grow will greatly aid in producing a healthy mature hedge. The ligustrum hedge is self-seeding so pruning to remove flowers and seeds is the best way to control its spread if desired. For pest or fungal issues like whitefly and sooty mold, use a commercial pesticide and remove affected foliage.

Planting ligustrum is a great way to add a unique hedge to your outdoor space without adding a lot of work to your outdoor maintenance routine.

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