Caring for a Peace Lily Houseplant

By Renee Gerber , last updated April 1, 2011

Peace lilies are lovely perennial houseplants that boast white flowers and large dark green leaves. They can easily spruce up any gardening area of the house, and their leaves can arch over, which adds to their appeal. A peace lily plant can amazingly grow to be as tall as five feet and as wide as four feet.

Since the peace lily does best with smaller amounts of light, you should keep the plant in an area that is out of direct sunlight. If left in the sun for too long a time, you will discover their leaves turning yellow and eventually falling out. A room in your house that receives little sunlight during the afternoon, when the sun is at its harshest and hottest, is best. In other words, a room to the west is best.

A common mistake owners of peace lily plants make is overwatering. Only administer water to the lily once per week, as overwatering will kill it. The soil should never be too moist because it will damage and flood the roots. You can even wait to water a peace lily until you notice its leaves beginning to droop ever so slightly. Do not wait until it is drooping a considerable amount.

Use high quality soil for your peace lily. Make sure to select one that is well draining yet still able to retain water. An ideal soil for this type of housesplant is a mixture that includes sand and peat. Ensure that it is well aerated.

You will find that you do not have to go to any over-exertion with adding fertilizer to your peace lily plant. They often do very well without any fertilization, but give it a good balance that is appropriately diluted. However, if you happen to notice the tips of the leaves becoming brown, it's a sign that you are over-fertilizing your peace lily.

Of course, once your plant grows too large for its pot, you will want to replant it. Find a pot that is appropriate for your peace lily and it should do great.

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