Caring for Spider Plants

By Rachel Summers , last updated November 10, 2011

Spider plants are great household plants and caring for them can be very simple if you know what to do. Here are few rules and tips for caring for your spider plants.


Spider plants should be kept in sunlight, but should not be exposed to the sun when it is at its peak. Placing the plant by the window will usually allow the plant to get enough sunlight, but will keep it from getting too much. It is best to keep them in good potting soil, although they will do well in just about any soil. Spider plants are also very good at dealing with varying temperatures, so don't worry about keeping them at a specific temperature. If in doubt, however, it is better to keep them cool than hot.

Avoiding Diseases

There are a few things that you should check and be sure to do in order to avoid or diagnose plant diseases and illnesses. If the tips of the leaves are starting to turn brown, that means that the plant is not getting enough water or is getting too much sunlight. Water the plant a little more often and keep it in a slightly shadier place. If the leaves are also weak, then the plant needs more water and should be kept in a cooler area. If the plant is starting to rot in the center, then you might be overwatering it. Be sure to water it more infrequently and with a little less water. Overwatering is a very common problem among house plants.

Final Tips

Be sure to keep an eye on your spider plant. Although these types of house plants can endure a lot of abuse, being attentive to changes in its appearance and soil dampness can help you avoid unnecessary problems with your plant.

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