Choosing Insurance for Your Business

By Shannon C , last updated July 18, 2011

There can be many costs associated with launching a new business, but few will be as necessary or protective as business insurance. Often also termed business liability insurance, business insurance protects your business, your emloyees, and you as the owner from lawsuits resulting in injury or damage from your company's operations, products, or services. This is why, amidst all of the other many items on your long to-do list, it still is critical to take the time to truly evaluate and assess what types of business insurance you truly need, what levels of coverage you need, and which provider is the right choice for your business insurance needs. Learn more from experts about how to choose the right insurance for your business and experience the peace of mind that business liability insurance can provide.

What is Business Insurance?

Business insurance is not the same as general liability insurance, which can offer a business some protection, but is not geared specifically towards the unique needs and situations a business may encounter. At its most basic level, business insurance will protect both the structure of your business and its contents from lawsuit. A business insurance policy should be at the heart of any insurance package you select for your business.

Choosing a Total Business Insurance Package

In addition to business insurance, you will want to carry general liability coverage as well as workers compensation coverage. By doing so, you will be protected from any individual who is injured while on your premises as well as from protection from your employees should they become injured on the job. If you operate vehicles for commercial purposes, you will also want to carry auto liability insurance to protect your fleet and its drivers while they are driving on company business.

Questions to Ask When Selecting a Business Insurance Provider

Since many business owners have no prior experience selecting business insurance providers, it can be helpful to go into each meeting with a list of questions to ask, as well as knowing what types of research to do in order to narrow the search down to just those providers who are most likely to meet your needs. The first question you will want to ask is to ensure that the provider has a list of business clients for whom they provide insurance. If you are unsure of the provider's credentials, it is perfectly legitimate to ask for references. You will also want to get the details of exactly what their liability insurance policy will cover you for, and assess that against the types of issues you are likely to face as a business owner. Next, you will want to collect details of what assets are insured under your policy, and what the policy limits are on payouts. Here, it is especially important to factor in the cost of replacing valuable computer and data equipment as well as the more traditional assets found in a business setting. Finally, you will want to know that your business insurance agent is a trusted part of your team who will represent your interests well should the need arise.

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