Choosing the Perfect Outfit for a Casual Beach Wedding

By Shannon C , last updated August 14, 2011

If you are planning a casual beach wedding or a destination wedding, you do not need to sacrifice style for comfort, or comfort for style. With the new breed of beach wedding dresses, you can enjoy your casual beach wedding while attired in the very latest wedding wear that is as comfortable as it is visually stunning. With the increased demand for destination weddings or casual beach weddings, wedding dress designers have stepped up to the plate with a new line of beach wedding fashions that factor in the variable conditions a bride may encounter during her beach wedding, and yet preserves the timeless elegance of a bride on her special day. learn about how to choose the perfect outfit for a casual beach wedding and use the tips that work best for your needs.

Simplicity Rules for Beach Weddings

The number one factor to keep in mind when choosing the perfect outfit for a casual beach wedding is that you will be outdoors for at least a portion of your wedding day, and you will likely encounter elements in wind, surf, sand, and other issues that you wouldn't experience in an indoors setting. Simplicity here is the key to success when choosing the perfect outftit for a casual beach wedding. You will want to select a wedding dress that moves with you, with a length that allows you to move forward, side to side, and back with ease, and which will stay modestly in place if high winds whip up.

Short is Okay for a Casual Beach Wedding

If you are planning on taking photographs in the surf, or you are concerned about a rental gown encountering sand or other materials on your wedding day, then you might want to opt for a shorter casual beach wedding dress. With a short dress, especially one that is tailored, you easily sidestep many of the common wedding day issues that a beach wedding can produce, without sacrificing elegance or beauty.

Choose the Right Fabric for the Venue

If you are having a casual beach wedding outdoors on the beach, depending on your location, it may be cooler or warmer than a traditional wedding dress might plan for. Rather than spend your entire wedding sweating or shivering, research the likely weather conditions for the location you have chosen and choose the right thickness of fabric to keep you comfortable on your special day.

Choose Your Shoes and Veil Wisely

The same considerations that you will use to choose your dress style, length and fabric will also apply when choosing your shoes, your veil or hairpiece, and your hair style. Pick shoes you are sure you can walk in on changeable surfaces, or bring a spare pare for sand excursions. Similarly, prepare to style your hair up rather than long and loose, and pick a short manageable matching veil, or opt for flowers or a simple elegant tiara instead of a veil. In this way, you will be best equipped to enjoy your wedding day in both comfort and in style.

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