College Grants for Latino Students

By Mark Cook , last updated January 9, 2012

Grants are an excellent source of financial relief that can help pay for part or all of your college tuition. With tuition prices skyrocketing nowadays more and more students are looking for alternative methods such as scholarships and grants to ease this tremendous burden. Fortunately there are many great grant programs available, especially if you happen to be of Latin American descent. Students of this background generally come from countries in South America, as well as those in the Caribbean and other Spanish nations. These students are often referred to as Hispanics or Latinos so make sure you look out for those classifications when searching for grant programs.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund
The Hispanic Scholarship fund is the largest national provider of scholarship and grants for Latino students. They offer financial aid for students in universities as well as community colleges and even graduating high school seniors. This is a great resource to find several great grant programs. In order to be considered for any of their programs you need to have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and be a current U.S. citizen or legal resident. You also must already be admitted to/enrolled in an undergraduate/graduate program. These offers are only available to students of Hispanic heritage who are attending a university in the U.S., U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam or Puerto Rico. These grants and scholarships vary in amounts with some offering up to over half of your tuition.
Hispanic Grants is an amazing online resource for Latino students looking for scholarship and grant funding. Their entire site is devoted to finding and publishing new grants for Latino students. They offer grants based on financial need, academic merit, choice of major, and even geographic regions. This is a great way to find numerous opportunities in one place and you can search the entire site knowing that all these opportunities are offered exclusively for Latino students.
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