College Scholarships for Photography Majors

By Joseph Boyle , last updated December 22, 2011

For college students who are interested in pursuing photography as a major, there are a large number of scholarships available from many different sources that will help provide funds for such students to pay for the costs of education. Photography isn’t just a matter of pointing and shooting. Master photographers study for years to perfect their technique, and, as such, there are numerous organizations and individuals willing to assist budding photographers in realizing their potential. Below is a list of just a few scholarships available, accompanied by short descriptions.

The World Studio Foundation

This organization supports numerous artistic disciplines, including photography, through the awarding of academic scholarships. In order to qualify, students must submit work samples and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0.

The Janie Moore Green Grant

This scholarship is awarded every year for the sum of $1000. The scholarship applies both to students currently enrolled at an institution as well as those who are engaged in the application process. The requirements of application to the scholarship include the submission of student work, as well as the completion of a short essay detailing the nature of their interest in the field of photography.

The Ivan and Bernice Burnham Memorial Fund

This fund is sponsored by Vermont Professional Photographers and annually awards varying amounts of funding to students with the intention of pursuing a course in the art of photography.

The Robert W. Carithers Scholarship

Based at the University of Southern Indiana, this scholarship offers awards to multiple students annually for a value of $2500. Assuming that they meet all the proper criteria, once awarded the scholarship, students may opt to renew it annually. A letter of interest and a portfolio of work is required in order to apply. The funds are applied directly to the cost of fees and coursework at the University of Southern Indiana.

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