Common Baby Furniture

By Jane Olcott , last updated February 4, 2011

Choosing furniture for a baby's nursery should begin with the most basic and common furniture. You have just found out the exciting news, you are having a baby. You know where you will put the nursery, but now you have to decorate and ready the room for the newest member of your family. You will need to pick colors and a decoration theme, but before you can get to those details, you will need some basic items to fill your nursery. Take a deep breath, there are some common baby furniture items everyone needs in their nursery, and with a few shopping guidelines, you will be on your way to furnishing and decorating your baby’s first room.


The first piece of furniture for your new baby is your crib. Cribs come in a range of styles. There are standard cribs, sleigh-style cribs, round cribs, metal cribs and convertible cribs. You’ll get the most bang for your buck with convertible cribs. These cribs convert all the way into a twin, and sometimes a full size bed, as your child grows. Cribs typically range in price from about a hundred to thousands of dollars. A less expensive alternative to a new crib is a used crib. However, be careful when buying a used or antique crib. Make sure your crib meets the most recent safety requirements set by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Changing Table

Once you have your crib, and your baby has somewhere to sleep, you will need some place to change your baby’s diapers. A changing table is another piece of furniture you will need to purchase for your nursery. Changing tables can be a simple pad and cover you place on a dresser or table, or it can be an elaborate piece of furniture. The most common type of changing table has the changing station on the top, and a set of drawers beneath. Changing tables come in a variety of colors and types of wood. You can find the changing table that will best fit your needs, your space, the style of your room and your budget at your local department or furniture store.


If you a buy a diaper changer that does not come with a dresser, or set of drawers, you will need to buy a dresser for your nursery. Dressers designed for a baby’s rooms are smaller in height then your full-size, adult dressers. They come with plenty of small drawers to hold your baby’s diapers, socks, bonnets and sleepers. Dressers are great for organizing and storing all the little items you will need for your newborn.

Rocking Chair

A great addition to your baby’s first furniture is a rocking chair. A rocking chair will give you somewhere to relax as you gently rock your child to sleep. It also gives you a comfortable place to sit as you feed, read, sing or play with your little one. Rocking chairs come upholstered or you can get a wooden rocking chair. No matter what type of rocking chair you choose, it makes a relaxing and comfortable addition to your nursery.

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