Cool Metallic Silver Nail Polish

By Elizabeth Freeman , last updated October 13, 2011

Add a bit of shine to your nails by wearing a cool shade of metallic silver nail polish. Shiny silver polish is a great way to add a chic touch to a little white or even little black dress. You can find silver nail polish in a range of tints and shades, from dark to light.

How to Wear It

If you decide to wear silver nail polish, only wear it on your fingernails or toenails. Do not paint both to match. You will end up looking like you just came off of a UFO. If you decide to go with silver toes, pair the polish with a pair of dark colored open toed pumps. On your fingernails, pair the polish with some shiny jewelry. Try wearing a large, clear rock on a ring on one finger. The jewel will interact with the shine from the polish nicely. You can also leave your hands unadorned and wear a large, sparkling bangle with the silver nail polish.

Styling Your Nails

Keep your fingernails short and rounded when wearing metallic silver polish. Long nails may look a little scary when coated with a shiny silver. You have a range of options when choosing a silver nail color. Some are very metallic, such as Nicole by OPI's Give Me the First Dance. Others are more delicate and pearly. These don't give you as much of a reflection. Pearly shades of silver will work when you want a prim and proper look, such as at a wedding. A super-shiny metallic shade is perfect for heading out for a night at the club.

Where to Find

Silver nail polish is available almost anywhere from discount stores, to high end department stores, to your local salon. The price ranges from a few dollars to over $20 per bottle. The more expensive versions may offer more chip-resistance than cheaper varieties. Also, you can always protect your polish from chipping with top coat.

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