Creating a Rustic Table Setting

By Shannon C , last updated August 2, 2011

Creating a rustic table setting can be as easy as taking a trip to your own kitchen cabinets, or, failing that, heading down to the local thrift store, farmer's market, or home goods store to get the supplies you need. The rustic look is making its way back into the mainstream in recent seasons, with a stronger focus on country or old world décor, and a "back to nature" approach that speaks loudly of the "green" or environmentally conscious mindset that both interior designers and their clients are taking. For this reason and others, adopting a rustic table setting can appeal in a variety of settings and special occasions, from a wedding to a baby shower, from an intimate dinner with friends to a holiday meal with family.

To begin creating your rustic table setting, first hone in on the theme. If you have beautiful flowers and foliage growing right outside in your backyard, start there. If you happen to be able to harvest wildflowers, that will be even better. Fresh flowers and greenery says "rustic" like nothing else can. For pots and containers, turn to old mason jars, watering cans, and sweet vintage tins and containers hawking brands from years past. For table runners and placemats, you can use rough hewn, embroidered, or burlap materials, or environmentally-conscious materials such as organic cotton, hemp, and bamboo.

You can tie your utensil sets with old school brown packing string, and choose muted tones for your napkins, placemats, table runner, and floral decorations to pick up the earthy, natural, rustic tone you are setting. For a creative touch, instead of using cut flowers and foliage, consider bringing live blooming plants inside to use as centerpieces. For a fall rustic table setting, incorporate the signs of fall, such as acorns and pinecones, into your settings.

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