Creating Unique Wedding Favor Boxes

By Elizabeth Freeman , last updated June 25, 2011

Give your guests something to remember your spectacular wedding with by making creative and unique wedding favor boxes. Making your own favor boxes won't take much more effort than buying the boxes pre-made. You can find a range of favor box or small gift box templates online. After you've found a template you like, it's a matter of selecting the card stock and choosing how to adorn the boxes.

To make your own favor boxes, you'll need a template. You can hand-draw the template for each box, but it is a lot simpler to use a pre-made template. You'll also get more accurate results and won't end up with lopsided boxes if you use a template. You'll also need a piece of 8.5 inch by 11 inch card stock for each box. Card stock comes in a range of colors and even patterns. Choose the pattern or color that best matches your wedding.

Making the boxes shouldn't take more than an afternoon, especially if you have some friends helping out. You'll also need a computer with a printer, a sharp craft knife, straight edge and cutting mat to make the boxes. A bone folder will make sharp creases in the box. To decorate the boxes, you'll need glitter, sequins, stickers, ribbons or whatever else you fancy.

Download the template, then load the card stock into your printer. Print as many templates as you want favor boxes. Once the templates are printed, lay each piece of card stock on the cutting mat, then cut along the lines, using the craft knife. Use the straight edge to keep your cutting straight and even.

Fold the cut-out templates along the lines to form a box. Run the bone folder over the folded edges to make them crisp and sharp. Once the boxes have taken shape, write the wedding date and names of the couple with glitter glue, attach sparkling stickers or tie ribbons to the boxes.

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