Creating a Western Table Centerpiece

By Meredith Berg , last updated August 17, 2011
If you are planning a Western-themed wedding and want to emphasize your style with a Western table centerpiece, there are plenty of great design options available to choose from. Rustic, cowboy and floral inspirations all feed together to give you ideas for unforgettable details. Here are some designs to consider when creating a Western table centerpiece.
Save on Crafts is a fantastic website for finding ideas to make your decorations unique. Order the Natural Rustic Wood Stump Stand for $99 to showcase your Western-themed cake. The stand is made from a reclaimed tree stump and has been shaped into a pedestal. Continue the homegrown woodsy feel with wood cake toppers. Pick from a variety of miniature wood-carved people from $11.99 each.
Use a preserved slice of a real tree as the base for centerpieces to match your cake pedestal. Natural birch tree slices start at $19 each. Cedar slices start at $39. Purchase a shorter tree stump than your cake pedestal for $29 to give your centerpiece some lift. Top it with mason jars filled with berries or tea lights. Or place a Manzanita branch on top and wrap flowers around its branches in your wedding colors.
Instead of traditional roses and lilies, consider incorporating fresh-from-the-garden herbs and wildflowers for a rustic, Western feel. Place sprigs of lavender in antique jars in the center of your table to give your guests something beautiful to look at, and enchanting to smell. Seasonal fruit can also have a homesteading appeal, so consider filling a jar with apples instead of blooms. If you would like to be a little sillier, you can feature cowboy hats in your centerpieces. If you do use flowers, opt for sunflowers, dandelions, and other sweet, unusual bouquets. Wrap a thick ribbon around the vase that holds your flowers and tie a sloppy bow. This do-it-yourself detail will add a country simplicity to any centerpiece design.
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