Creative Ideas for Drink Labels

By Heidi Green , last updated March 6, 2012

When you're at a party or gathering, nothing is more frustrating than losing your drink. To keep yourself, and your wonderful guests, from losing track of a red plastic cup or clear wine glass, it's a good idea to label each person's drink. You could always use a marker to write names on cups, but that's not very festive or original. Instead, try a few of these creative drink labeling ideas at the next event you host. Your guests will be impressed, and no one will have to deal with the embarrassment of picking up someone else's drink.

Do-It-Yourself Wine Glass Charms

You've probably seen wine glass charms in gift shops or craft stores. Usually, they're little metal rings with beads or charms attached. They're perfect for differentiating wine glasses, as each person identifies their glass with their own unique charm. However, they can be a little pricey, so it's worthwhile (and fun!) to make them yourself.


Basic 1-inch metal hoops (one per glass)

Different colored large beads (one or more per glass)

Needlenose pliers

To start, you should plan out what you want the charms to look like. You can use one colored bead per wine glass charm, or you can use multiple beads of different sizes to create funky charms. However, make sure each wine glass charm has a distinct color and appearance. Next, thread a bead, or beads, over the hoop, leaving room on the ends for closure. When you have the beads on, use needlenose pliers to bend the plain end of the hoop so it creates a hook. This will thread up through the looped end of the hoop to secure easily around the stem of a wineglass. Just put them on your wine glasses before a party for easy identification! Note that you can find 1-inch hoops at most craft stores, and they're typically called "earring findings."

Cute as a Button Drink Labels

No matter what kind of glasses your guests are drinking out of, colorful buttons are a great way to differentiate each person's drink! You'll only need two sets of items for this easy, creative project: large buttons of different colors and Glue Dots. Glue dots are removable, sticky circles of glue that are typically used for scrapbooking, and you can find them at craft stores, like Michael's. Start with dry cups or wine glasses, since you don't want them to have any condensation on them. Then place a Glue Dot on the cup. Next, press a colored button over the Glue Dot until it's firmly secured. They'll stay put wonderfully and, when it's time for clean-up, you just pull the buttons off.

Festive Ribbon Drink Labels

A quick, easy way to differentiate cups and glasses is with different colors of ribbon. Simply tie a different colored ribbon around each cup or wine glass stem before a party. If you'd like, you can punch a hole in a small cardboard tag, then slip it onto a ribbon before you tie it around a cup. Then, guests can write their names on the tags. Try using scrapbooking scissors to put a fun border on plain tags!

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